False Prophets even I have been deceived no MORE!!!!!!!!!!

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Virgin Beach Resort is the most dangerous place to stay and is a dump! reviews

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Here is my true story.

I found this resort on line. It looked cheap and decent..I arrived in Cebu October 8th, 2012…I met the love of my life there named Janet..

We went to visit her family who live in San Remigio Cebu…We though we could stay at this resort.   OMG! it is 1.5 KM on a dirt and rocky bumpy trail to get to the restort.

When you get there it is a dump of a place. NO PHONES in the rooms, NO PEEP holes in the doors…No 24 hours staffing..and only one Guard at the front gate with 1 small pistol…

I stayed up late around 12 midnite our first stay there..I was talking with an two guys from the UK, I went to bed and at 2am I heard a knock at the door. My girlfriend said “Don’t answer it, it is 2am who could that be” I opened door and said hello….then closed and locked it since noone was there..So I thought…2 minutes later I heard another knock at the door..My girl janet said DO not answer it…I was stupid, I opened door and in a NANO second I saw a masked bandit with a GUN to my face. I slammed door as fast as I could. and locked it putting my shoulder against door ready for the gun blast. The room has glass doors on the other end easy for bad guys to break in. I was terrified for me and my girlfriend…I was going to die for a few bucks and pocket change.  Janet called the POLICE and they showed up 30 minutes later.   Found out to my surprise there might have been 3 bandits at this shit resort…omg! we left resotr at 6am and had a police escort all the way out of town…San Remigion is safe place, but Virgin Beach Resort is not..Ron Perry the owner is a salesman of death and uses Christian values to sell his shit hole and danger place…

I challenge you to look at the police records of Virgin Beach Resport I am on file there having this robbery experince.Look at the report records…Come to find out there were 3 past robberies there. In fact, one of the guys who runs the place told me not to mention this to any of the other guests..yeah and I bet he was one of them that was in on it.

My GOD….It is my right to WARN others of this dangerous place…Ron Perry..tried to snow ball me into thinking all places get robbed hahahaha

Okay I went to plantation bay resort, San Remigio beach club all 4 start places and above…and they have excellet security  that wards off any robberies…

no peep holes, no phones in room, no 24 hour staffing , and dirt road to resort with 1 guard with only a pistle spells bad news for any American or even UK or Aussie person.

I say STAY away…I am saying this cause of truth. I will never stay in a resort unless I do better checking but on Agoda and trip advisor it show them being a higher start rating I say bull shit..beware this place is DANGEROUS to your life of you and your loved ones…

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More OHM rack posts she is almost done!!!

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Love my Ohm rack best yet!!! Spaced On the Money!

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Okay, I finally got off my butt and decided it was time to get serious about CCNP and other CCNP track certs. I bought a cheap but awesome rack called OHM. These are the main reasons I love this rack:

Cannot believe how these guys engineered the spacing. I have paid at my work 800.00 plus for same kind of racks that the spacing sucks rocks! OHM! blows them away…

1. Price uner $200.00

2. fast delivery to my house

3. easy to put together – and I hate putting crap together

4. the 1 U is exacly space correcly. Most racks you pay for are crappely spaced and never match up. Where Ohm they engineer and mark these 1 U spaces.
I have paid for racks that hold the same amount of servers and switches and paid 5 -8 times as much money and they were terribly spaceds. Ohm they seem to take pride in their racks being spaced perfectly.

5. Just love it nice to keep things organized. YEAH!!!!

Here are some picks to prove this:





NET NANNY is the best!!! Reviews Opinions Good and Bad

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hey guys to protect your kids and your family I highely recommend net nanny. I have tried it and it works great.

My advice is to give the admin passwords to the stronger christian! wink wink!

God bless you all. May you live for Christ as we should. The bible commands us to flee lusts of many kinds. It never says to try to tough it out.

No shame in fleeing if God says to do this to help our families out.

May God save us all!

Your brother in Christ (IT DADDY)


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mypornblocker.com is a scam. trust me…if you want to know more email me at robert  at itdaddy dot net.

I will explain what a joke it is. They advertise to the hilt and it looks very professional but it is satan in disguiseto rip you off.

It ripped me off big time. The program is a joke and their customer service is a joke. They are a rip-off!!
Scam Scam

SCAM SCAM SCAM  rip off big time…


My new ccnp rack – more practical and neat

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My New Rack setup possibilties

My current Skelek 28u rack is nice but I need to weld horns on the side or hooks to loop all my cables.

I am advancing in my careerfield and run so many configs it is hard to see heads or tails of my connections

So I am moving to this type of lab setup for now until I can weld some hooks or horns on my Skeletck 28u rack.

This is the first pic of a few more until I am finished. More to come.


Rebuild Networking Command Line Esxi – vSwitch, vlan id WOW!

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Dudes just what you have been looking for. I know this is not Cisco stuff but man it is well needed. The video is fantastic. I have been in this situation.

I built a vmware server and I had everything right. While I was using I-client remoting into vcenter. I added vlans in there but didnt add the vlan id for the service console-not good! So I had to find something on building networking via command line with vswitch and vlan id skills. Enjoy. I bet some of you will  be thanking me for this. hahahhahah Enjoy!


Cisco Shapes and Icons Explained

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Hey guys and gals, check this power point out. Download it. It details tons of Cisco icons and gives you a description of each. Click on link below and watch the power point way cool. 



Cisco Shapes for Visio!

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Hey guys and gals, here are your shapes for visio! wow did cisco make it hard to find them in the past but now they have a nice link I found in Google. Google rocks!