IPv6 Basics – Holy Crap!

I mean the basics of IPv6 coming soon!

I agree it is already here!

I am getting ready

Coming Soon!

Below is CCIE link that explains IPv6 in nice details! great!


Microsoft view on Ipv6:


How you go from IPv4 to IPv6:(6to4tunneling)



More coming soon.



3 Responses to “IPv6 Basics – Holy Crap!”

  1. I’m a firm believer that IPv6 is already here – That’s better than “Coming Soon!”. Take a look at what our company has just published:


    IPv6 is here! Are you ready?


    Martin J. Levy
    Director IPv6 Strategy
    Hurricane Electric
    760 Mission Court,
    Fremont, CA 94539, USA
    +1 408 499 3801 (mobile)
    martin at he dot net (email)

  2. Martin

    I agree that is why I am going to teach the basics of IPv6 and teach some of the benefits over IPv4. But man you are right. It is hear!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    -Robert (aka itdaddy)
    thanks for all you information. Nice to see someone with a great background!
    I use to live in California man So I understand California! There Mexican
    food is the best on the planet! The best!

  3. Wow Martin just read your pdf. impressive very. wow! but you guys
    are global company. whereas my pitteelittle place of 4 different sites won’t affect us at all behind NAT. So we are fine here. You guys being a huge global company need to jump right in. Good foryou man!
    I wish I worked for a huge global IT department. I would have way more fun.
    Cool Avatar too! Thanks Martin for your input! Awesome!

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