Soon New CCNA 802 Live Fully Functional LAN Lab!!!



Above is my topology. I am using vlans and trunking along with Etherchannels

between SW1 and SW2. Notice on my 2610 I am using ROS or router on a stick

and my 831 SOHO I am using SDM to practice.

Below is my CCNA lab:

********LAN/WAN Toplogy to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!*******


1. middle gray ones go to the server boxes

2. left orange and yellow ones are my trunks

3. right colored ones are my ethernet TFTP cables to backup my devices both their “bin” files and “config”

Top to bottom:

Access Point Cisco AP 1200 —- Belkin Wifi – 4 port layer 3 switch(getting rid of soon!).

Cisco Pix 501

Cisco 831 SOHO router

KVM switch (love it)

Cisco 2610

Cisco 2511 (access router – love it)

R2 – Cisco 2501

R1 – Cisco 2520

Frame Relay Switch – Cisco 2520 router

R3 – Cisco 2520

Unmanaged Auto Switch

Cisco Cat 2924

Cisco Cat 2950

Cisco Cat 2950


Lab below is my Entire CCNA and MCSE lab





I will explain my home lab later. But this is the jist. Between the SW1 and SW2 I will have a port channel or Etherchannel. I am using VTP domain and Server/Client design for my 3 switches to practice STP and VTP concepts. I will have two OSPF areas as well. Area 0 will be everything but R1. R1 will be my ABR separating Area 1. I know in CCNA they test only single areas but I was told you only understand it better with more than 1 area so I am doing that.


18 Responses to “Soon New CCNA 802 Live Fully Functional LAN Lab!!!”

  1. Great….!
    tkz for ur post

  2. Curious – why do you have a separate VLAN per esx host. In my work environment we have a number of application vlans we trunk through to each esx host. What are the pros/cons? Thanks.

    • cabledguy,

      pros and cons really it to me depends on the size of your network and bandwidth use.
      me personally for my home lab, I did it to keep it separate from my home network. I do a lot of downloads
      and didnt want it to interfere with my email servers/dns/dc servers. I like to keep things separate for
      the best utilization. my downloading could or has interfered with my web and email servers before so i separated
      so i could have it switched which is faster..happy new year man thanks for stopping

      robert (itdaddy)

  3. It is really impressing . That is called ad real LAB. Very Impressing.!!

    • yeah it has come along way hopefully some day
      i will get my ccnp blog up and show you my new home lab. it is even better but thanks lots of time about 1.5 years to get this up together and lots of cash here and there watching deals daily on ebay and I do mean daily.

  4. Great work! Just stumbled onto your blog and must say that it has given me an inspiration. I have just forked out a wad of cash myself on various cisco hardware along with a HP server, and several extra Dell workstations. I am going to custom build a rack cabinet and after seeing your site, I think I will document it with pics and tutorials. Good luck on your CCNP and beyond!!

    • Hey Tim,
      thanks, I really enjoy cisco engineering. Yeah home labs are the best thing to have.. Custom rack cool.
      Yeah I bought a rack it is posted here on this site…It was fairly cheep and very nice..rolls on wheels.
      Good luck and hard work to you man as well..thanks for stopping and saying hi.

  5. Hello, just stumbled across this page looking for info for my own lab. This is a good real world setup you have here. Thank you for sharing. I do have a question about your R1 (2520) how are you connecting it to the 2610? Are you using a serial wic on the 2610 or is it connected to the fa port from the aui?

  6. I am picking up 1 2900 12 port switch, 2900 xl 24 port switch, 1900 switch, cisco 2501, and two 2513 routers for my CCENT studies.

    I was told that a Cisco 2520 will be needed for the CCNA.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for hardware?

    • a 2520 can be used to make a frame switch if you need the configs for the frame switch email me at robert1 (at) itdaddy (dot) net. email me and I can send yo the configs for my frame relay swtch. what the router can do is become a frame cloud where you set up DLCIs across the switch. but you have okay gear the 2900s are not good get 2950s if you can get only2 that is all you need and 2 say 1760s if you can so again 2 1760s and 2 2950s will be all you need for ccna

      • Oh well, I picked up the all of the gear $150.00,
        Router Cisco 2513 250540441 $35.00
        Router Cisco 2513 250552994 $35.00
        Router Cisco 2501 25056931 $50.00
        Switch Cisco WS-C2924-XL-EN 003071721B00 $30.00
        Switch Cisco WS-C2912-XL-EN 000331338D40 $40.00
        Switch Cisco WS-C2912-XL-EN 0004C09F0040 $30.00
        Switch Cisco WS-C2912-XL-EN 0050F049CD80 $30.00
        Serial Cable Cisco $65.00
        Serial Cable Cisco $65.00
        10 Base-T Transceiver AUI -RJ-45 Unicom $29.00
        10 Base-T Transceiver AUI -RJ-45 Unicom $29.00
        10/100 Mbps Transceiver CentreCom $25.00

        The prices are from internet sites. I will pick up 2950’s and 1760’s soon.

      • looks good yeah 2950 are going for like 75 usd and 1760s I found 5 for 40.00 each you have to watch daily and the t1 cards csu/dsu are cheap like 20.00 each or you can get wic 1t serial cards too but it is fun to make the t1 crox cables 😉
        great! try to get DRAM for your 1760s you can get 128MB of the DRAM or RAM so you can have you 26MB enterpise IOS 12.4 types expaned and work well. DRAM runs about 20.00 each for each 128MB DRAM watch daily deals come and go on ebay nite dude

      • hey jay
        you some some serious equipment man. looks like a good ccna lab. lab equipment is so much better than sims.
        good job. those serial cables seem kind of expensive dont they? they are dte/dtc cables right?
        dude 2950s switchs can be going for about what you paid for your 2912/2924s you know if you watch daily..
        not sure if the 2924 and 2912 will have all the right IOSs? but better than sims nonetheless

  7. Hey,

    Just stumbled upon your great lab. I’m trying to get some ideas to setup a cisco lab.

    I have a question on your R4, to separate the home network from the lab.

    May i know the configuration on your R4? do you setup all the acl and stuff on it? and what is ROS? 😛

    Appreciate if you could help me on this, thanks 🙂


      R4 is any way you want. Serial or ethernet and yes you can use ACLs on it
      above is ROS enjoy

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the reply. and thanks for the link.

        Based on the topology above, sw1 is connected to R4 then to R1.

        My situation is that my SW2 is not a Cisco Switch. and my R4 is a Cisco 2620 and my R1 is Cisco 2511.

        Can i still connect them together if my SW2 is not a Cisco switch?

        my home network has a 192 address, my lab is using a 10 network.

        How can i connect them together?

        Thanks in advance for your help.

      • Hi again 🙂

        BTW, is your R1 connected to your SW2? via ethernet?


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