Final Study System and Scheme!!!!

Okay, I have finally made up my study system. I have been racking my brain to figure out how to systematically study and cover as much material as I can for the 802 CCNA exam this 7 August 2008 that I have bought and paid for. Technically it is my first exam since my actual first 802 exam froze on me and Cisco gave me a voucher for this new 802 exam. I am going to (upon failure–I am not stupid!) take the option to do the 2nd SHOT!!! It is free and I would be stupid not to take it if they are offerring a free retake. I would take it like 1 week close to end of the 2ndSHOT avail period so I can get more study in. But damn it I think I will have this one… I have been racking my brains to find a system that will work. I believe in studying a certain way. I believe that we have certain types of memory.  For example math is in your hands. I had a civil engineering friend tell me math was in his hands. I laughed and started to use his technique. I realized maybe it is in my hands.. I try to break my studying into these blocks. I also believe we are creatures of habit and learning and remembering is nothing more than “habits of the mind!”

My CCNA 802 Study Schedule/Scheme!

1. Labs – (done Monday – Friday from 7pm to 11pm)based off of my list of topics I made!  I combine labs with smaller skillsets mixed in like Banner MOTD type commands, etc…made my own labs)

2. Cold Memory – (done weekends.) Anything I need to remember cold (AD of EIGRP = 90 or 2^5=32)

3. Quest/Answer Drills – (done weekends) practice exams (Bryant Exams bought his entire ICND1/2 course)

4. Hard CCNA TOPICs (watch CBTs) to Notes to Blog.     (done weekends)Stuff like (EIGRP,OSPF, STP, IPv6).Other stuff ACLis just lab practice till I puke but these are kind of complex dealing with timers, and unequal/equal cost load balancing and how the algorithms pick best routes.

5. Practice (done weekends).Skills like (VLSM, subnettings, supernetting, IPv6….)


Final week of exam (taking off 3 days(plus sat/sun = 5 days) before exam to practice all day and repeat all above (ALL of it)

Exam Date 7 August 2008 at 1:30PM at our towns Technical College (yeah baby! yeah!)



One Response to “Final Study System and Scheme!!!!”

  1. Very nice,as regarding material both online and offline study materials are very important,books like from Todd Lammle or Wendel Odom,and also cb nugget video series is tremendous,in online resources alot of websites and blogs provide huge study material for example i got 980 studying from both and

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