3 Levels of CCNA Announced by Cisco!

Building on the CCNA Foundation

The new suite of concentrations takes advantage of the foundation for careers in Cisco networking technologies, the CCNA certification:

  • CCNA Security validates installation, troubleshooting and monitoring skills of network devices to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data.
  • CCNA Voice validates voice application skills in voice over IP (VoIP) technologies such as IP PBX, IP telephony, handset, call control and voicemail.
  • CCNA Wireless validates a candidate’s skills in the configuration, implementation and support of Cisco wireless local-area networks (WLANs).


The new concentrations will benefit both technician and employer. Certified individuals are more successful in their jobs, and these credentials will help prepare them for new career opportunities. For employers, the certifications can validate applicant experience, and hiring companies can keep up with the demands and changes to the network and prepare current staff for the evolving network infrastructure.

With the introduction of the Cisco Learning Network and new CCNA concentrations in security, voice and wireless, Cisco is addressing talent holistically as part of its overall globalization strategy – one that is dedicated to helping companies collaborate across borders and cultures and offer world-class service to customers, regardless of location.

“Cisco has talked about collaboration for a long time, and the Cisco Learning Network is clearly not something for companies simply to use internally. Rather, it provides a way to create a community of interest around the concept of networking,” Kerravala says. “Cisco is putting its money where its mouth is here, in a way that is going to allow engineers and others to harness the power of their own community.”

Jenny Carless is a freelance writer located in Santa Cruz, CA.

Click here to go to cisco.com and see entire article!



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