Can’t Start Dynamips port 7200????? Answer

Hey you dynamips users out there. I have been scratching my heading trying to get my GNS3 to work on my laptop with Ultimate Vista loaded on it. I discovered that my path was wrong in the default configuration of my Dynamips preferences in the preferences drop down menu option in my GNS3 gui. This is what it should be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GNS3\Dynamips\dynamips-wxp.exe

Read yours carefully and browse to find the dynamips-wxp.exe program don’t just look at the path and say “it looks good” browse for it; it will show to be not there. You need to browse to find the actual program and then click on TEST and it will work.




34 Responses to “Can’t Start Dynamips port 7200????? Answer”

  1. Hi

    This massage was great…

    thx a lot…


    • you are welcome. yeah, I try to post thing so others can benifit….sucks when you dont have the knowledge.but I am glad it help someone. this issue just wraked my brain….;)

  2. Thank you Mr. Daddy, after all the posts I’ve seen on this particular issue, it’s nice to see and be reminded to always check preferences. Nice work!

    • hope it helped..I know after finding why this happens I wanted to tell someone…man was I getting mad not finding the solution. But I just thought I would check all settings one by one…good job. And the sharing of knowledge is so crucial. I have to ask others myself since there is so much information out the noone can do it alone, even hackers work in groups cause they do not know it all, it is just the nature of this information beast we have to stick together to succeed. Dude rock on man! thanks for posting your comments; its says a lot about you. Most people don’t post and just take and read. But I really appreciate your appreciation. makes my posting more enjoyable!
      Thank you
      itdaddy (robert)


    • Hey bud any time. Infact google is my tech buddy. There is no way we can figure out all this It stuff by ourselves….no way…without google..I could not solve many problems or get as much training. I use google to find Microsoft stuff since Microsoft search engine sucks!

      Hey you live in Australia cool man! that is way cool!

  4. Thanks very much… I solved this trouble in 2 minutes, great!


  5. thks a lot !!!! wow . . . lose a lot of time on it . . . ^^

    • yeah don’t I know it…I couldnt find crap on this out there. glad it helped. I too wasted along of time on this.
      Think GNS3 is good but if you have a super powerful computer. Yeah I have ran 4 router or 5 while adjusting the IDLE PC value but still nothing beats the real thing.On ebay you can get 1760 for 40 bucks..if you can buy 4 or 5 and you will be set.. good luck man

  6. thanks for your help

  7. Thanks a lot man! This really helped out! Google brought up your page and it was fixed in no time at all.

    Also let me to your site, which is a bonus! šŸ™‚

    • yeah it stumped me tooo. glad it has helped you out…

    • any time yeah it was a pain in my ass; I looked every where but could find nothing so I posted it. I try to post sheet that I just cant find
      šŸ˜‰ I spend hours trying to figure out what happend and i didnt want anyone esle to waste so much preciosu time šŸ˜‰
      cheer dude

  8. thanks alot

  9. Hey you guys,

    Even I started with these problems. But as Big Daddy said right, two friends – Share and Google, and you solve almost anything. Did the following on XP Professional to get it to work like a charm.

    >Added the GNS3 and Dynampis Executables to Windows Firewalls exceptions. Added port UDP 7200 to Firewall Exception. Restarted the Firewall/ICS service from Services.msc.
    >Change the preferences path under Dynamips from default to something like “C:\DynampsTemp” (Make sure you create the folder yourself. I think it doesn’t like the Space in this path)
    >Then, click the Test Button under Edit > Preferences > Dynamips and see “Dynamips sucessfully started”

    Wasted a lot of time fixing this, hope someone sees this later by arriving here through Google and also realise the value of sharing and learning.

    God bless.

    Take Care,

  10. muhammadnauman Says:

    great for you man!

    Thanks, it worked…..CCNP here i come

  11. thank you very much!!!!
    it’s very helpful.

  12. Thanks for the help with the standard path! Good job!

    • ahahah believe me I posted this because I couldnt find shit on it in the interent nothing so I knew others
      would hit it like a brick wall. glad it help man was i pissed but feel good many people are helped out šŸ˜‰
      I like helping other it is nice.

  13. Hi
    when I drag the router to screen , It says ” hypervisor is already running on port 7200 ” .I solved it with external hypervisor , but how can I work again with hypervisor manager , and dont see that annoying message.
    I am using windows xp sp2 .

    • dude can you explain it better what you mean I am not sure what you mean. sometime if you look in the
      taskmanager GNS3 runs more than one in the taskmanager and you have to “end” it out of RAM. In other words
      too man GSN3.exe programs are running in taskmanager so be aware of that. GNS3 is okay but it is buggy.
      try to get your hands on packettracer 5.0 from cisco or download sites it is better than gns3 for much practice.
      GNS3 is not good enough yet


  15. thanks lots. was stuck too. but ur advise came in handy

  16. Thanks !!!!!!Great its working fine….Thanks a lot………….

  17. thank you veeeeeeeeeeeeery much šŸ™‚

  18. Thank you so much^^

  19. thanks alot …………

    reeely helped me alot….

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