2 Weeks to go! 7 August 2008 at 10am! Exam CCNA 802

Well, dudes. I am getting geared up to take my CCNA exam 802 7 August 2008. My strategies is to hammer main and hard topics and follow my method of study broken down like this:

1. cold memory stuff – must know it cold (example: OSI vs TCP, metric costs, distances etc.)

2. subnetting (hosts, subnets, vlsm)

3. Route summarization and OSPF cost metric forumulaes

4. Practice all of these

5. lab it up with (EIGRP, OSPF-md5/txt, VTP, STP, ACL, NAT, PAP-CHAP, VLAN, Frame-relay)

6. misc labs (wifi, wan hdlc-ppp, MOTD, passwords, telnet etc..(last week)

7. Bryant Q/A and other variaous but not much more…..

8. pass this bad boy! with a 931 haahaa so I can beat routemyworld genius! Aerogon!

9. a pass is a pass! ( I could cyber lie and say I got a 931–hee hee)


 Day before exam go thru all my labs!

Day of exam in morning NAT/ACL repeat and then hit some practice and subnetting and COLD memory

and hit exam hard!



6 Responses to “2 Weeks to go! 7 August 2008 at 10am! Exam CCNA 802”

  1. Best of luck!! Remember, don’t try to learn anything new in the last few days, just cover things you already know.

    Seems like you’re on the right track.

  2. Hey thanks Joey and Erin
    Yeah, I am doing what I call a lock-in; repeat over and over main things.
    I had to narrow it down to like 90 % hammer and 10% look over
    too much material. I have been using the site
    http://www.subnettingquestions.com and using it daily so subnetting is down cold
    just need to work on ACLs and NATs cold. 😉
    I am getting excited. The truth is if I miss it some how, I will do a retake
    45 days later before October ends. I get 2nd shot exam before October.
    I will take it and for sure pass.

  3. You’re gonna kill the test dude! It’s been long overdue! You need to hurry up and join us with CNCP man! Hahaha!

    But yeah it gets more fun and knowing you, you’ll probably eat up everthing in CCNP.

  4. Yo brother! yeah it is long over due. Thanks so much G for the subnettingquestions.com site that has helped me hammer them daily at work and you are right it just starts to come where you can see it. Almost not real. And I ask myself why was it so hard in the beginning. It seems cake now!
    aahah Well I am going to push for a 931 ajhhahaah got to beat the master (you) haahh I am gettin pscyched. Trying to take my own advice and I am going to over study so I can laugh my way thru the exam.yeah!
    Thanks for the vote of confidence…yeah I do want to be CCNP then we the big dogs! 😉
    will keep you posted 😉
    backto studying!

  5. Hey Mate,

    I hightly reccomend this site for mock exams:


    Its worth every penny of the cheap subscription. Pretty much the sole reason i passed last year after failing twice.

    I am in now way affiliated.

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