5 more days – my game plan…7 Aug 2008 10am.

Yo men! and ladies! I have 5 days left before I take my CCNA. I am taking the week off before my exam. I have a poor short term memory. Decent long term though. This maybe over kill but I have shit for eye site both my eyes are 20/40 which if know anything about eye-sight this sucks! So I have to know this shit cold. Either I know it or not. So I decided to take Monday through Friday off. I take my exam Thursday at 10am at the near by technical college. I plan on visiting the test room Wed of next week to get an idea where to go. I don’t want to panic in finding my exam room. I want to get to know what I am up against. I plan to do this Sat to Thursday.

Sat – Tues

(all labs) (cold memory) (practice subnetting) (question/answer drills bryant)


(hot labs only ex: NAT/ACL/OSPF/EIGRP/VTP/STP/OSPF auth/EIGRP auth) (bryant q/a drills)(practice)(cold)

Thursday at 5am:

(hot labs ACL/NAT – authentication EIGRP/OSPF)(Practice Subnetting)(cold memory)

9am get some food to eat

925am leav to exam site

10am start exam and kick some ass!

PASS that bad boy!

12:00 drink beer till I vomit! Then Friday go and work on my sons CRX sanding it down to the bone so I can paint it. πŸ˜‰ yeah!

This is my sons CRX 89…Use to be mine but I am rebuilding so he has a cool gas efficient car for college. He is going to be a police officer…he is 17 and a big boy! hee hee


One Response to “5 more days – my game plan…7 Aug 2008 10am.”

  1. Usually I won’t comment to a dude posting a picture of another dude.. but since it’s a pic of your son, it’s all good in da hood πŸ˜€

    Anyway, just dropping by to wish you good luck on your test. You’ve been preparing for it for a while and no one is more deserving of a passing mark. I’d be the first to be disappointed if you don’t pass it. But hey, no pressure though! πŸ˜€

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