getting scared and getting excited all at once…hahahah is that a CCNA question???? hahaah

ahahahahahahaaha hahaha yeah right! hahahaahahaah


4 Responses to “3….2…….1….practice…cold….labs….ACL/NAT…”

  1. Good luck itdaddy. Beat that exam and grab a beer after that to celebrate 🙂 or maybe 2 beers :-D.

  2. thanks Nickelby
    yeah, I am going to party big time after I blow that bad boy away.
    I feel good. I can do my ACLs and NAT by memory all three of them.
    and well most things I can do my memory. and I think I am way ready.
    I just have to calm down. I get really nervous but I think by studying hard enough to do it by memory(G’s method) study or over study works cause when you get in exam it just sticks out. My big issue is hopefully understandindg what they ask me. sometimes I am like wtf are they asking me. but feel I have worked hard and it will just be 1 question at a time and well; i think i am ready; thanks and when I am done i can give some tips on how to pass and what did that helped! 😉
    let’s rock this bitch!

  3. Thanks michael; appreciate your comments!
    4am and I am up wide awake; sleepy time pills sort of worked..but
    up and ready to warm up. maybe over kill to wake up 5 hours before exam but I want review and refresh short term memory which sucks.
    I have shit for eyes so I have to make up for studying till I can see it in my mind. here goes going to do this: cold memory stuff, subnetting, 150 cmd labs, 100 gotchs by bryant, and 150 questions bryant..get there 30 minutes early; have ear plugs in hand and ready set go!
    I am going to give it my all!…..see you in 8 hours 😉

  4. Nickelby,

    oh yeah the beers are a calling me man they are a calling me! yeah,
    I might have 2 or 3 or okay a 6 pack! 😉 hahaha yeah!

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