Day Before CCNA 802 exam Excited-Scared!

Okay dudes. It is the day before exam. Well I can do NAT and ACL in my head.

I can do Nat:

static, dynamic/PAT, and pool nat in my head

I can do ACLs in my head:

standard ACL 1-99 and 1300 toΒ  1999

Extended ACL 100-199 and 2000 2699

Named ACLs as well.

I can subnet really good by using thanks to G I can do them fast.

I went to the testing center today and of course all open bay computers no cubicles (sucks)

but I can bring my ear plugs which I use and the lady said I can have a few dry erase boards since I write so freaking huge. I hate having to stop and go and get another one. Also, my plan is to do a brain dump when I get to the exam:

Brain dump:

1. private ip adddresses

2. 2^n cals like 2^5=32 2^10=1024 etc… up to 2^12

3. all classes A to D

4. H=2^n-2 S=2^n etc…

5. maybe switch costs: 100 MBPS = 19, 1GB = 4 and 10GB = 2 etc..

6. my bit chart 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 and lines and subnet ready!

I feel really good.

Day of Exam: I plan on reviewing Bryant ICND2 questions, 150 CMDs, NAT/ACL practice/ subnetting warm ups, cold memory drills and OSPF/EIGRP/RIP authentication some where in there. and man I feel ready.

We shall see! Man I am excited and scared all rolled up in one. Man I feel a pass coming on! my Scores on my exams at home have been in the high 80s and 90s so we shall see and I do NAT and ACL by memory

as well as ROS and VTP and STP by memory and FR by memory…I am pushing to do it by memory so it just sticks out if it is wrong! and my only issues is relaxing. I bought some sleepy time pills. I get really sick before exams but I do feel better when I can do configs by memory but I still get sick with the poopies!

sick! but I think I am ready! πŸ˜‰

Next time you see me it will be a PASS!


6 Responses to “Day Before CCNA 802 exam Excited-Scared!”

  1. Your welcome! πŸ˜€ Lol…

    I just gave you the link but you’ve done the work… I have no doubt you’ll pass. I’ll be checking back tomorrow for the good news… πŸ˜‰

  2. NO really G that site subnettingquestions is awesome. I have been doing subnetting so much that man I have it down pat! like I can see subnet masks and all that. and I can’t believe I thought subnetting was hard?

    Man I feel good; I have most down by memory and well glad I took 3 days off; but tonight is more question drills and nat and acls and
    command reviews. So much by like you said over study over study is what I am doing; like I think I feel like you did; I just want to move on to CCNP and all tired of CCNA level stuff.haahhahh is that a CCNA question ahahhahahahhahaaha hahahha you have to be joking! is this a real test or is it a test for babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahah
    See you tomorrow after my exam should be 130pm CST -6 I will be posting my ….?????? PASSS!! heee hee; )

    I feel goooood! – james brown!

    thanks G..;)

  3. Good Luck I was the same way when I took mine over a year ago, You’ll do fine!! You’ve studied and you’re serious about it, so I’ll check back tomorrow after I complete a few of these ISIS/EIGRP Labs… Once again Good Luck!

    copy run start….

  4. Good luck today dude! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  5. thank Michael
    i feel good about it and tests are in the high 80s and 90s and subnetting
    is cake! and ACLs and NAT can do in my head so I think I am ready πŸ˜‰

  6. thanks Joey,
    i feel ready I take my exam in like 3 hours and am just going over things
    in my head prior. My short term is bad so I have to refresh and run over commands prior; I have learned a lot. Technically I should pass!
    I have been studying so hard I even corrected Chris Bryants material for him. He has like mistakes in his material haaha He is cool Chris Bryant
    his material is great and well only 2 mistakes. I have read other books
    (names left out) and they were tons of mistakes. Chris only had 2 that I caught. His material iswhat I used mostly. real labs here goes everything πŸ™‚ gonna hit it hard!

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