How to prepare for the CCNA..what I think!

***** Coming soon after I take a big nap ****** I want to give you some tips that will not violate any laws or rules set up by Cisco..but I would like to stress what it takes to pass this beast….I will only echo what everyone says to study for but will give my 2 cents..Anything I say will reflect the same objectives Cisco lays out.but in my own words….be right back later this weekend….need to relax…and play… but will post my thoughts on the CCNA..


2 Responses to “How to prepare for the CCNA..what I think!”

  1. Great website I’ll Go to exam soon Please update how do you do?

    Thank you

    • Hey Tony

      sorry so long to get back to you. Yeah past the 802 this last august 2008. very hard exam but doable.
      I hope all is doing well. I am a network admin for a credit union. my goals are to be a tech college teacher.
      i like teaching. 😉 happy new year man!

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