PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 854 My Score!

Okay, I wasn’t sure I was going to pass. My eye site sucks 20/40 both eyes doesn’t help much. During the exam I had one sim that was kicking my ass; too much to read! I did part of it and moved on after too much time. I honestly had never seen what they were asking for . I was ready for any NAT/ACL. So much that I studied wasn’t on their. Kind of pisses a guy off. Subnetting is a must to understand what they want you to do more so. But I am happy that I passed with 854 with 825 as a  pass minimum. I am very greatful. If I would have gotten that sim and 2 of the questions, I know that I bombed, I would have gotten higher close to 930, but I honestly didnt understand 2 questions and 1 simlet a big one. I just didnt know what  they were asking for. And I had done so many things to prepare. I have built my own rack, and I can make that baby hum. I have done so many real things. Taking the exam was good and seemed honest but man. What makes the Cisco Man is IT cert + what he can do! I can do so much more that this test could not verify. I guess I will just show my employer what I can do! I had studied so much that wasnt on there..but A Pass is a Pass!

I am a CCNA 640-802 by certification, but better yet by what I can do on the rack!

Thank you to all who believed in me. All of you guys are just fantastic support.

Those who have commented I have added your blog to my links. If I missed anyone, I will add you later. Well what is on the horizon??


Well to be honest. I plan on working on my CCNP slowly and I can do the BSCI route to work with G

but I plan on finsihing my BS degree in Computer Science which doing both (like I have been)

working on finishing my 4 year degree in computer science and working on CCNA has been hard.

So I going to trickel the BSCI CCNP and work harder on my BS Degree. I might start a new blog for CCNP.. this year looking to host my own blog on my own servers at home. I like to really do the work myself. So I am with you guys just be patient…


Oh yeah today I am  going to eat at a new stacke house in town; drink a big big beer and then

spend time with my son TIm and go  to the batting cages we have near our town where we can spend like 2 hours hitting fast balls. Yeah, blind itdaddy hitting fast balls. I can do it I just close my eyes and swing.


See you guys later whooooooooooooo ahahahhaahahahh I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 Responses to “PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 854 My Score!”

  1. WOOHOO!!!! I told you you gots this baby down. Who cares about the score. It’s a good score in my opinion. As far as not knowing the other answers, I bet you if you saw the answers to those questions you’d be thinking to yourself, “Is that all it is?” I can’t tell you how many times that happened to me when doing the Boson exam sims. Sometimes its just the way the question is asked. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know it.

    So, are you ready for BSCI? I’m purposely slowing down so you can catch up 😉 LOL!

    But first go out and celebrate, go hit some balls, drink some wine then hit them books after the inebriation has passed 😀

  2. Congrats dude! Way to go!

  3. Thanks Joey and thanks G! Hey G wrote you a long email 😉
    you guys are awesome; should have done better but did what I had to do.
    I did skip one big sim (did some of it) but I had no idea what they wanted me to do really; so I cut my losses and jammed. rest of test was hard and then easy I had lots of sims; they did suck! some where okay.
    but a pass is a pass! 😉 on to my projects and then back on the ccnp track.
    I hope to work on 6to4 tunneling and creating my own home blogs. maybe in a month or so it will be and
    working on it. I have to play to stay in the game. Then I plan on getting a really rack for all my cisco gear and redo my entire lab so it looks professional. 😉 but thanks foryou support. 😉
    Robert (aka itdaddy)

  4. Congratulations and a pass is simply a pass, at least you studied not like “Others” who are only a Paper CCNA, so with that said, congrats have a few drinks for me as well…..while I tackle these route maps…


  5. Thanks Michael. yeah I did bust my arse a bit….and I should have gotten one of those sims too but just didnt understand the question..but yeah a pass is a pass; yeah i can do the work. You are right I am born and bread cisco Tech..I only like to work on real stuff. I have used sims and Dynamips but too flacky (sorry G; I know you love the GNS3) and I may be forced to use it. I have a beefy laptop I can use it on. but man! I would like to get real devices. They respond so much nicer than (I typed the command right but nothing happened kind of thing) I have used Routersim nice but not enough commands and I have used Boson nice but too combersom to use and kind of flaky on some commands.. but Boson is okay. I have used GNS3 and works good but you have to have so many VMS open sucks the ram dry and runs slow as crap. when I have my 2511 access router up and all my reverse telnet sessions up runs fast as lightening. I hope to expand on my already made systemw with a purchase of a nice rack that G uses for his set at home..I am looking to building my home lab up to CCNP level and maybe some EBAY VoIP stuff…gotta look for the deals.. I am hooked on real devices..but I am watching GNS3 website and seeing if they improve the RAM usage on it. But you are right I work hard and I play a lot. I have tons of home projects like the 6to4 tunneling on my 1700 router I will have setup and hopefully going to host my own home blong and change this blog into blog served from my home; hope to get some speed otu of it plus I get to learn alot from building my own stuff from ground up. I have built my own Exchange server I run my from and I use service for that. I host my own web resume that uses HTTPS for future prospective empolyers to view of course passworded out from my present employer; dont want to hurt their feelings. and I run my outlook web access using https so i can check my mail anytime anywhere. I do alot so I can build my skills. I am a network admin and I need to be a jack of all trades and master of many hahaha but I have ADD and need to do many thing else I get board..but the exam was challenging. and the subnetting was easy but they man you just have to know subnetting hosts/subnets ranges freaking ice cold. And I did..;)
    thanks for the pat on the back it measn a lot to me so I keep going and I will post my findings on my ipv6 6to4 tunneling. I hope to blog that too and maybe how I hosted my own blog that too along with my CCNP studies. and catching up to G with the BSCI routing yeah! going to focus on my son a bit and then hammer out JAVA classs and then assembly language class trying to finish my BS and I will but busy busy busy..thanks
    see you soon.


  6. Congrats on the pass! First one down enjoy the celebrations and time with your son.

  7. Yo Deon

    thanks; cool pic. and yeah taking 2 months off to build my CCNP rack
    and get it looking good and ease of use for my CCNP studies. I am going to build my blog so I can host it on my home server. I need to spruce them up with some Raid1 and such and have a backup plan in case of failure. I like hosting my own stuff gives me practice.
    And I plan on playing with my new either 2600 or 1700 series firewall
    to allow 6to4 tunneling so I can access Internet 2world. I need to play a bit
    and get away from the humdrum of studying like a hermet and then once I am done playing. I will hit it hard with BSCI routing 😉
    thanks for you comments! ;0

  8. Congratulations! Welcome to the club. =)

  9. thanks Jeremy
    yeah feels good to tell me people I am a network engineer CCNA
    hahaha yeah ! they open their eyes wow! funny our ISP near by
    has only 2 ccnas and not ccnp ? shame 😉 but yean might work on CCNA voice soon or BSCI CCNP but for sure CCNP that way I can be a pro! 😉
    but thanks; taking alittle fun break building my CCNP rack 😉

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