How I passed The CCNA 640-802 Exam!!!

Hey my peeps! What I did was I worked my butt off using certain materials and a method of study. My score was 854. It is not too impressive but I believe each exam is alittle different for everyone. They say it is a progressive exam where it is smart and hammers you on subjects more if you fail them during the exam so it forces you to fail? I have not seen nor heard that to be to true. I feel it was a fair exam. I will not say anything about any questions. I will however tell you what I thought was on the exam before I took it.  It only makes sense they would want you know the basics well. The Cisco site says it is 50-60 questions. I am sorry but that is not true. For example what if you got presented with 5 to 7 simlets that may or may not have 3 to 6 more questions in them so then that is 30 questions more than say the 50 you got. So now we are up to 80 questions. And yes you have 90 minutes to finish the exam and when it is done. It says done! It just stops! So basically do the math you have about alittle more than 1 minute for each question. The way I approached it is either I knew it or not! Me personally. I was attacking a simlet and I finshed some of it but some of it, I had no clue what they were asking me to do. I understood some of it, but man I freaked. Did some of it and the moved on cut my losses and moved on with full steam ahead. My heart was raising. But to be honest what all my instructors told me was true. The following I give to you from experience. This is what I did before my exam and what I used. No gimicks but hard ass working.

1. used Chris Bryant CBTs and questions. Great great course for real world usage and exam prep.

2. CCIE Odem video mentor course and both ICDN1 and ICDN2 books. He explains topics well.

3. Had down pat: Subnetting and VLSM, NAT, ACL, STP, VTP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, and VLANs and ROS. mastered. And I understood EIGRP, OSPF, and RIP authentication.

4. Understood all authentication methods and SSH stuff

5. Practice practice practice troubleshooting.

6. Built my own labs based off of what I new. I used some BOSON sims and some RouterSIM

7. But to be honest the best is using a real rack of equipment. But here is my opinion on each I have used:

a. Boson – good best sim out of all I used. Too pricey and alittle buggy. Some limits with commands

b. RouterSim by Lammale – Man I really like this one but very very limited with the commands.

c. Dynamips/GNS3 – man super but you need like 4 gigs of RAM and many processors to run this. You used real IOSs and some advanced routers. I hear you can use your own switches with this but this is mainly a router BSCI program that uses real IOS. I like it but you need a monster of a machine to run it.

d. MY favorite is a real rack with a 2511 access router. I plan on building my home system up. I have some good equipment. I am buying a rack for my equipment from this vendor:   I really like this rack; it is cheap and has wheels and does the job. I am going to get some big CCNP switches and maybe get my GNS3 to work with the switches. And like I have been saying, I am taking 2 months off to play with my IT stuff, build my CCNP lab up and host my new blog and 6to4 tunnel with my new firewall router. I might get me an ASA firewall. 😉  I will be quiet for awhile but trust me I am alive and progressing. I am finishing my BS degree in computer science and will be a CCNP this should be good to launch a good career in network engineering. I was going to do som MS stuff. Naaahh! I will keep learning my MS stuff but no certs in it. I hate Microsoft . I only learn their stuff cause I am a network admin and love IT and all it has! But I am Cisco Engineer at heart! 😉 I am going to blog how I hosted my blog maybe and will for sure blog how I did the 6to4 tunneling it is going to be cool…


My last comment is this. I can never ever emphasize how fast you have to be at subnetting and VLSM. I was told before my exam to master this cold by CCIE instructors. And I will say it again. You need to master subnetting and VLSM be able to do like 10 different subnets with VLSM fast fast fast. I mean you need to VLSM like 10 subnets in like 2-3 minutes or less. You bascially need to just look at diagrams and hammer the subnetting. This gave me and edge. I was super strong at subnetting to the point I could just see the host and how many were needed, and how many were in a subnet by the subnet mask. All instructors are not joking. You need to do subnetting so fast it is funny doing it that fast because you only have a minute per question. You need to jam! It can be done. I am blind as bat 20/40 in each eye and I could jam..But this is what I used. I used:

a. Bryant’s subnetting awesome!

b. I used this site every every day and will continue to use this site daily to do subnetting through out my career.

c. Odem Video Mentor subnetting; he is good too and has good techniques.

d. cbt nuggets jeremy C. He has a good method but he uses 3 steps. Once you learn his method and go to Bryants you will be able to ook at a subnet and just do it in 1 step! You have to do it that fast. I did. and It helps bam! You need to memorized bits and hosts like  2^5=32 hosts, 2^6=64 it is double each time. I know them up to 2^12…and can see hosts by taking 32 – the subnet mask bits and you get the host bits. To get the subnet bits you just take the class and minus it from the subnet mask bits and you get subnet bits and then you have the n to use in the calculations of subnets and host. By doing them so much you develop your own 1 step method bam bam bam. But you need to subnet and do VLSM with atleaset 10 to be strong and do it under 3 minutes or less. I was told this before my exam and I still say I was strong at this and it give you strength…

It was a fair exam. But man I can do so much more than what the exam tested me on. But I guess Cisco Engineering is a career not an exam. I was pissed I got 854 but each exam is different. And I just didnt know a few of what they were asking of me but I passed and I am now certified. It has given me happieness already. I can go places and say I am certified. Our ISP has only 1 certified CCNA and know I am-funny! But certs for me are cool but I think it is important to be great at what you do. Testing is good but doing the job is what I like. I have seen guys who have many certs. I met this guy who was an MSCE 2003 but I knew more about MS that he did. I mean I could do the work. Build domains, and websites he just was good at SQL admin only. I was good at many things and not even certified it in. I thought this cannot be true but there are many paper tigers they call them. But not all but you would be surprises. So just be great at what you do and get your certs! Have fun too. I know I am! I go go go! And like to do many real things. I have my own Exchange server at home, my own webserver at home I built. I have my own vpn into my house and I work IT jobs on the side. I set up VPNs etc…and well I am certified A+, CCNA, and am MCP (certs in MS) but the real fun is doing IT and making things work. Certs make me work harder. I will continue to strive for many certs. I would like to be a CCIE and then gets some certs in Linux and CEH because they seem fun. I do it for the career and to play all day.

I hope this site helps you. You can do it. I did! 😉

see you later. I will be gone for 2 months working on my new CCNP rack and home setup. But I will return and hope to have my blog running full steam! yeah!!!!!!!!!! whhoooooo! CCNA!

Who is your IT daddy!

ps. thank you to all who told me great job! I appreciate you and I hope anything I post here helps you.

😉 Team Cisco!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “How I passed The CCNA 640-802 Exam!!!”

  1. hello, you are just an inspirational person, i like your courage, man i am also preparing for my ccna but my only problem is that i dont really have access to real routers and i have been using cisco packet tracers, i just finish with the ccent icnd 1and2 from jeremy ciora cbtnugget. i have chris bryant trainsignals videos and i hope that one will help me a lot. thanks very much and hope to get more advice from you thanks.


      Benedict here is something I have heard good things about. Do not get Boson it sucks and way over prices. I have tried many sims and well. I love This Odem guy. All his stuff has been right on target man. So get this.
      On ebay it is half this price. I have seen it on ebay for like 85.00 USD
      Good luck man and thanks for the nice comments. I try to keep it lively.
      I have beens so busy lately with my college I am almost done and will post more stuff of my journey and some cool stuff I found. You are going to love it.

      Robert (itdaddy)

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