Example of what a CCNA Certificate Looks Like

I was curious as to what the CCNA cert looked like so I found one and put my name on top of it. I think it looks better than the Comptia A+ Certificate. My A+ looks kind of cheesy. This one looks pretty cool. I am suppose to get it in like 6 to 8 weeks Cisco said.


11 Responses to “Example of what a CCNA Certificate Looks Like”

  1. ikechukwu Says:

    i want to write the ccna exam how important is it to my career

    • huge ccna is a big step in the bucket; ccnp is way bigger. but ccna is a great start.
      i think personally ccna/mcsa is minimum requirements to understand IT maybe even ccna/mcse is the ground level to IT understanding
      the way IT is going you have to no how to program/be and MCSE and be a ccna to understand the basics I think
      but it is a good start. okay all said crucial to get


    i cant wait to get mine

  3. The CCNA is CISCO entry network certification. If you’re interested in network design and management or systems and network specialist, then CISCO exams are right for you.The exams are tough – but if you’re willing to work hard you should have nothing to worry about, even if you don’t pass it at first attempt. You never failed until you stop trying.

    Richie, ccnp

  4. Maurice S. Johnson Says:

    My wish and desire……

  5. I really can’t wait to get mine.

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