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Cool CCVP lab and Topology Drawings off of Ebay!

Posted in Voip/CCVP Labs Toplogy Pics on October 30, 2008 by itdaddy

I found these nice diagrams off of ebay. Some company is putting together Voip training labs . They are 1500.00 each plus liks 250.00 S/H but man if I had the 2000.00 to spend I would get this lab very nice…..It is so hard to put all the pieces to gether when you are dealing with limited time. Me I think it is importan to put each piece together but I do not have all kinds of free time so it makes sense if you have the money I would get this lab; nice start 😉

Rookie! CCVP Topology drawing !!!!!!!!!!!!!










New Rack and Old Rack – what adifferrence!!!!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on October 27, 2008 by itdaddy

Installed New Rack – Skeletek yeah!!

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My New Rack – Yeah Love it! Skeletek!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on October 24, 2008 by itdaddy

Hey Dudes. I just got my new Cisco Skeletek 28U rack. I love it. Here are some pictures to get you started. I want to explain how it went building this.


If you can use Skeleteks universal butterfly type mounts see the top router 2511 has the butterfly mounts. They are way better than the four bolts ones. I mean way easier to install. So if you can get those, get them. I used a power drill to put most of the mounts in, but had to use a manual drill (my hand and nut driver) to get them started. Do not want to use power drill to get them started. Strips the nut you have behind it, and your fingers. OUCH! I will list what this new CCNP lab is all about. I also plan to work with VOIP as well. So I will be buying some 100.00 or less IP phones soon off of ebay and when I have my entire lab wired and phones I will post the finish product. My new CCNP/VP lab.. Here are the devices from top to bottom.

1. ASA 5505 my new sweet firewall with ASDM and CLI

2. To the right is Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Wireless Access Point

3. 3 x 2950 Cisco Cat Switches

4. Cisco 1760 router with FXO, FXS card slots

5. Cisco 2520 router configured as  Frame-relay switch.

6. Cisco 2610 router

7. 2 x 2520 Cisco routers

8. 1 x 2501 Cisco router on the bottom.

9. All mounted on a rolling 28 u Skeletek rack


freaking awesome. I can always add more wow!!


– Robert

ps. will be back to show you more pics after I am done with my Virtual machine lab and Cisco CCNP/VP pod.





Teachpro java beginning to intermediate – Awesome!

Posted in CBTs in General on October 10, 2008 by itdaddy

Hey I have watched a  lot of CBTs even CBTnuggets. CBT nuggets programming java vids are okay. But the best java CBT is TeachPro Java beginning to intermediate.why? because this guys uses notepad and types out all his code and it covers everything. The guy is alittle dry talking but he walks you through everything .if you can get your hands this course best I have seen out there. You will be programming in Java like a pro when done with this course. freaking Awesome!11!

-TeachPro Java has my blessing – one awesome course! wish I coudl find more

Oh yeah any books by the company Deitel – remember that name; these books are huge but they are spectacular books on programming; best I have ever seen; even better than the 21 day books DEITEL is the best in programming books examples and then outputs and explain blow by blow why they code that way; awesome! SUCKS!

Posted in CBTs in General on October 9, 2008 by itdaddy

I bought a course in JAVA from and it sucks…the guy just reads from some book and shows program examples while just talking about them…what a rip off piece of crap..makes you wonder if his authored books he has were really him..he has an amazing voice but if you really watch it it is a waste of you time….he has a great radio voice but sucks as a teacher in my opinion. No walk through line by line. He shows you an entire program and then just talks while the mouse sits still. Never guy from hyperteach they are crap CBTs just to get your money..I was taken in…this has been my experience…