Teachpro java beginning to intermediate – Awesome!

Hey I have watched a  lot of CBTs even CBTnuggets. CBT nuggets programming java vids are okay. But the best java CBT is TeachPro Java beginning to intermediate.why? because this guys uses notepad and types out all his code and it covers everything. The guy is alittle dry talking but he walks you through everything .if you can get your hands this course best I have seen out there. You will be programming in Java like a pro when done with this course. freaking Awesome!11!

-TeachPro Java has my blessing – one awesome course! wish I coudl find more

Oh yeah any books by the company Deitel – remember that name; these books are huge but they are spectacular books on programming; best I have ever seen; even better than the 21 day books DEITEL is the best in programming books examples and then outputs and explain blow by blow why they code that way; awesome!

3 Responses to “Teachpro java beginning to intermediate – Awesome!”

  1. Hey congrats on the new job! I’m glad you found one that you enjoy and can learn a ton from. That also means you need to get back in gear and get started with CCNP. I can only wait for so long. Hurry up and get it started before I get my CCIE. LOL

  2. Yeah, handing in my resignation this week. Man I was looking at your blog and G I mean you are going to be the next cisco press author. Man do you have superb writing and graphics display skills. Man you have the Cisco Mad Skills award coming your way haahahahha

    Yeah this week I am building my lab with my new 28u Skeletek rack and my new asa 5505 and new cisco 1760 (new used) trying to add a little voip in there..but I want to emulate my new job’s network somewhat. I am so excited but scared since I am going into an IT WAN/MAN environment and it is just me and this CCNP type. My boss is CCNP and chasing CCVP. I hope he can teach me alot…starting CCNP after my lab is built. yeah… thanks

    Dont wait up man – burn your road to CCIE. If anyone is going to be a CCIE, it is you dude!
    see you at the top G!

  3. Haha.. I don’t know about the author thing man. Although I once wrote a fictional story in my college writing class and my teacher thought it was “f-ing brilliant!” – his own words – and wanted to publish it for the university fiction writing text as example for the future students. Only crowning moment of my life. HAHA. Anyway, much of my notes are just rehash of the text I’m reading. So you can’t credit me for content. You can credit me for style though. LOL

    Anyway, yeah. Good for you on the new job. I’m sure this will be a good experience for you specially that you are working with someone willing to support you in your quest.

    I was wondering, how much did you get your asa 5505 for? I’m just curious because I’ve looked on ebay and they’re priced just high enough that it doesn’t make sense for me to get one right now.

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