My New Rack – Yeah Love it! Skeletek!

Hey Dudes. I just got my new Cisco Skeletek 28U rack. I love it. Here are some pictures to get you started. I want to explain how it went building this.


If you can use Skeleteks universal butterfly type mounts see the top router 2511 has the butterfly mounts. They are way better than the four bolts ones. I mean way easier to install. So if you can get those, get them. I used a power drill to put most of the mounts in, but had to use a manual drill (my hand and nut driver) to get them started. Do not want to use power drill to get them started. Strips the nut you have behind it, and your fingers. OUCH! I will list what this new CCNP lab is all about. I also plan to work with VOIP as well. So I will be buying some 100.00 or less IP phones soon off of ebay and when I have my entire lab wired and phones I will post the finish product. My new CCNP/VP lab.. Here are the devices from top to bottom.

1. ASA 5505 my new sweet firewall with ASDM and CLI

2. To the right is Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Wireless Access Point

3. 3 x 2950 Cisco Cat Switches

4. Cisco 1760 router with FXO, FXS card slots

5. Cisco 2520 router configured as  Frame-relay switch.

6. Cisco 2610 router

7. 2 x 2520 Cisco routers

8. 1 x 2501 Cisco router on the bottom.

9. All mounted on a rolling 28 u Skeletek rack


freaking awesome. I can always add more wow!!


– Robert

ps. will be back to show you more pics after I am done with my Virtual machine lab and Cisco CCNP/VP pod.






16 Responses to “My New Rack – Yeah Love it! Skeletek!”

  1. I love this Rack!

    I will buy this in the next time for my lab…

    best regards


  2. I’m impresed!

  3. Hello!

    I found your blog finding personal labs for CCNP and very soon I’ll have my own, just want to say that I’m gonna bet your LAB!!! bhahahaaha! 😛

    When I got it I’ll make my own website with all the circuits I made for others to see it! I’ll post it when it’s done! 🙂

    By the way, is it enough with just these devices to practice for CCNP? I have 8 routers, some of them with very complete IOS and many interesting things and sometimes I feel that I need MORE and MORE to practice some things.

    Now between the devices I got at home and the ones that are on the way I got a total of 18 devices including the amazing access server (router 2511RJ).


    • carles, you have me beat I only have 16 devices for my access rrouter 2511. but I plan on getting 3 or 4 more this year o next 3550 cat to be exact
      so 16 plus 4 = 20 haahhaha so i got you beat man! haaha
      plus I will have 4 ip phoines and 4 site servers and 6 more servers to boot a full T1 wan at home with 4 sites..voip accross but post yours? do you have a blog?
      I will be posting my lab some day to help others 😉 yeah thanks I like your posts man they are good.. sounds like you have balls man. keep up the great studies dude

      • Hey!!! I began making my website a couple weeks ago again as moodle got crazzy and I had to delete it…

        I still don’t have the T1 but I’m finding for one card both for the router and a server as I’m also making practices with asterisk…


      • Carles

        very smart idea. I did my ccna blog as well. I like blogging for a few reasons I can have great notes to refer back to
        from anywhere in the world as long as I have internet access. And to help others. and to help me think about what I say
        so if I can teach it well I can do it well. Blog to learn man and to make friends..great site looks good. I like your colors and the clearness of your website very nice.

  4. Sad to know that I will be unable to buy it in UK because local partner is out of stock & US sellers don’t ship tit to UK,

    The moment I was your rack & pictures, I love it. I will post my rack pics once I get hold of one, You have quite lot of equipment, by the way how much is your electricity bill alone, the amount of stuff you have

  5. Thanks Rob, but seeing your rack picture, I am just dying for it, but I want to go one step further, looking at your pictures, you have got two racks, one of PCs & the rack for network equipments, I want to do both in one.

    I am looking for this rack, not available in UK
    Model Number is = SKELETEK C28U-4P-EX16

    Plz advise if my outlook for this rack, what I intend to do is correct.

    I think I will be able to fit both my PCs & equipment in one, I have 4 rack servers, an 8 point IP KVM. My room is not that big, so that’s why I am trying to squeeze my stuff in as little space as possible.

    The problem is its 239$ in US & 329£ if ordered from Austria (not available in UK), in UK its very expensive in UK, my sis will be coming back from holiday next month, than I am planning to use her to buy it for me & than post to me in UK, It will still be cheap in terms on currency conversion.

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

    Kind regards

  6. nice post about CCNA Certification, keep posting

  7. Francisco Says:

    Can you please list a link (s) where we can purchase the butterfly mounts?. I went to the Dantrak website and couldn’t locate them. 😦

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