Cool CCVP lab and Topology Drawings off of Ebay!

I found these nice diagrams off of ebay. Some company is putting together Voip training labs . They are 1500.00 each plus liks 250.00 S/H but man if I had the 2000.00 to spend I would get this lab very nice…..It is so hard to put all the pieces to gether when you are dealing with limited time. Me I think it is importan to put each piece together but I do not have all kinds of free time so it makes sense if you have the money I would get this lab; nice start 😉

Rookie! CCVP Topology drawing !!!!!!!!!!!!!










5 Responses to “Cool CCVP lab and Topology Drawings off of Ebay!”

  1. Crunchyhippo Says:

    I’d be very interested in knowing what company is putting together this lab! I wouldn’t mind spending the money if it meant having a proper VP lab.

    Care to share? Please email me if you get back, as I may lose this URL. Thanks!

    • dude I am not sure. IT does look good. But man I am doing this. I bought 4 1760 routers and turning them into voip router with wic-T1 cards as WAN interfaces. then I am building a 1760 as PSTN..buying some IP phones and walla VOip network. plus I am going to buy 3550 poe switches and putting EMI images on them for L3 and Qos switches will be the worst. I plan on buying 3 of them but they cost like 300 each sucks! so 1 at a time hee hee;)
      but yeah as today to be a CCNA/CCNP you have to know your Voip it is standard now.
      good luck man

  2. I don’t think that a CCVP lab made from used devices with just three switches, two routers and three phones costs 2000!

    I’ve spent about 3000 for my 18 switches & routers (some with adv. ent. ios, voice) + pix fw + rack + pieces + books

    Anyway, it’s a nice rack to take the picture but if you are looking for something good at the best price, you need to spend a couple of days looking for devices at a good price.

    For example, to buy a 3550-EMI from a ebay shop might cost about 400 and even more, I bought one last week for 121, a 2948G-L3 might cost about 300, I bought one quite long ago for 160. When you want to buy more than one device you can negotiate with seller, I bought 2 2950T and 2 2950G switches with together would have cost about 460 + S/H and devices + S/H cost me 400, …

    Also, I have to say that my money flow for devices has stopped! 😛

    Maybe I’ll buy a couple of juniper FW to make experiments but first I want to take all I can from cisco!

    Best regards,

    • hey thanks carles
      for you advice, Yeah I agree. I just thought the lab looked cool. yeah on ebay the 3550 smi are coming down and I am looking to get like 3 or 4 or them for my home build T1 WAN I am building trying to build a t1 wan like my work to really lab it up some day I plan on posting it hear .
      thansk for you help though; )

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