I am back…BSCI

Yo dogs! I am back and I am working on my BSCI exam. But first I have to refresh myself. Man havent touched my lab in months. I have been working on a physics class and any of you ever take physics you understand me.

but I think once my class is done I will have some weekly time to devote to CCNP BSCI and hope to get my blog back up and running to post my results.

My concern now is this:

  1. IPV6 practice
  2. Subnetting practice
  3.    (VLSM practice- U+1)
  4.    (Route summarization. L =)
  5. Routing Practice BSCI

this to me is the scope of things for BSCI..trying to do alittle each day where I am doing it each day as if I had a job doing it. I have seen guys who do it all day study a week and bam they hammer the exam. I try to make it real world.


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  1. After 2 years of physics in college I was done. It’s one of the reasons I dropped out of Engineering. LOL – well that and all the chems and higher division maths. I partied too much. LOL

    Welcome back my friend!

  2. Yo G…you know what man. I think physics is cool but I am never going to use it just like my calc I and calc II….not even algebra parabolic equations etc….never ever going to see them again…but the physics guys they love it..casue their jobs will be using it….I should have went the route you did…You know my BSCI book from ciscopress the auther has a degree in English and couple certs and is writing ciscopres curriculum. go figure. I see tons of guys who have degrees BA and MA in English and are like famous CCNP and or CCIE WT???? completly defies all the odds of being a BSCS…this is my last hard class. the rest are computer programming which I can do with pissing and moaning! 😉
    So words of encouragement G you did right just hammer those certs and
    nooone will question your degree but that you have one! serious man
    just look at many Cisco engineers and their Bios in the ciscopress book. Many are not even anything to do with IT. I know a guy who is a CCNP CCSP who has BS and MS in Electrical Engineering WT?? he spent all those years learning Fourier transforms very hard math! and Circuit desgin. and then goes into network engineering never to touch a circuit board again? and then there is people like who have CCNP CCSP CCIE and have a BA in cooking and are world famous! I say take the easier degree and then hammer your certs out. I think the ideal certs would be this. like jeremy Ciora from CBT Nuggets does. He has CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCIE, and all he does to renew all cert is take the CCIE written every so often yeah he is the man! but for the later 3 are very power ful
    CCSP, CCVP, CCNP, CCIP now that looks powerful CCIE is power but man to have the fab 4 would be kickin! but back to my dream world adn BSCI…starting slowly after this class is up which will be in 4 weeks or less.
    thanks G for posting man! hope you studies are doing great!

  3. Hey IT Daddy,
    A lot of similarities between us. I have a wordpress blog myself that uses the same theme. I too am going to start studying for my BSCI and last but not least, I am taking Physics 1 myself this term. Ha ha. I also have to take Physics 2 and 3. Damn engineering program. I took Calc last term. Keep up the good work and nice rack.

    • Yo greg, I just want to say freaking awesome that you boast that you are black and in technology.
      One of my biggest pet peaves or things that piss me off so much is that so many black afro-american
      young people are walking around with pants down past their ass and (same as some white kids as well)
      and think they should all be rappers. And that they life of a black person is basketball or rapping.
      I see kids all the time in my area here in Wisconsin and when I get a chance to talk to a teenage black
      young adult, I alway encourage them they can do anything. They are not restricted to just rap or basket ball.
      It sucks our society role models dwell on that for our young people and it pisses me off. So when I see
      black guy like you who pushes himself and is a smart person. I saw rock on dude! You go man you go!
      You are the role model for the future generation. Now dont get me wrong music is cool and all but to sterotype
      jobs for black people pisses me off. You all are just as gifted and such in the brain area as anyone.
      So please don’t be offended when I say dude you are a great role model or the future kids of USA.

      Oh yeah, dude are you doing a double major? One major in Network Engineering and one in physics??

      If you want great help in math and physics dude go to this site. This guys stuff is awesome. I plan on buying
      all his dvds. YOu never know when you need to brush up on calculus.

      http://www.mathtutordvd.com his name is Jason Gibson..Get all his decent price dvds. If you buy in bulk and write Jason,
      he will give you a big discount like15 percent if you buy many of t hem at once like say 4 or so. He did for me I think it was 15 percent but he is totally cool and fair. But his courses in math and physics are freaking lifesaving. I am buying the whole set to have on the shelf.

      Dude like your website keep in touch greg


  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I am going to try and do some mentoring this year in addition to the site. I think rap music is cool ( I grew up on it) but there has to be more than just that. There are a lot of opportunities out there and to limit ourselves to only a few is a disservice. The problem is the stigma associated with being smart, geeky, etc is not looked upon very highly in the inner city communities. Its not “cool”. My goal is to say hey, this is “cool”. Being an IT geek is no longer about being a stereotypical “nerd”. There are a lot of avenues and we need to explore them and take advantage of them. I am not doing a double major, it is required for my Network Engineering major. I am about 7 classes away from graduating. Wish me luck. I will keep an eye on your posts here. I don’t have a time frame for my ccnp but I definitely want to get it this year.


    • Greg you already are an inspiration to young people. And ouch with the physics. But the site I suggested http://www.mathtutordvd.com that guy Jason Gibson has all the classes you need to help you. I am going to buy all of his dvds.
      I already have some of them. And Cannot hurt to brush up on calc sometime in the future if I wanted to persue a Masters degree in computer science. But amazing you have to take those classes for network engineering? 7 classes short wow!
      well I am working on my BSCS degree and I have 10 classes to finish. All programming. which I can do fairly easily. Thank God. Physics I can do but, it is hard. But I know it does improve my thinking ability for sure. And you are right being smart is not cool. That is what I am saying, they need to push (hollywood) that being a IT nerd is cool. and you can listen to your rap while you are programming routers and rocking out and making big bucks someday! I dont have much time right now for CCNP but am going to try to devote 2 hours a night I hope amongst studying for my college classes. very hard it is but once I am done with BSCS I am going to burn my certs all CISCO to get to CCIE I hope maybe CCIE r/s and CCIE voip. who knows but I cannot wait till this college crap is done. I know it is essential but I am ready for Cisco big time. YOu can do it man. I dabble in a lot of stuff. YOU said yo want to get CCNP this year? you mean take all 4 exams this year? wow Me it will take me at this pace my plan is this:
      this year 2009 get my BSCI
      Next year 2010 get my BCMSN
      next year 2011 get both ISCW/ONT done!
      in 2 years have CCNP.
      I hope and have my BSCS done
      so then I will have
      a 4 year degree, CCNP, A+, MCP and ready for the job market and 10 years IT experience.
      Should be ready to hit baby boomer jobs! 😉
      you can do it Greg you made it this far man keep going!
      and forgive me if I sounded harsh about rap, I am not only that our world puts people in bottles
      and well there are too many people that we could use in IT that are smart and need to be there! 😉

      • Don’t forget that you must pass the three exams in a period of three years, a workmate went for the last exam of CCIP and cisco denied to give her the certification because she took (and passed) the first exam 3 years and ONE week after BSCI!!!

      • yes you are right. thanks for your advice i plan on hammering my skills and then hammering out my certs. first i want to practice everything then
        study so i can finish in time. thanks so much

  5. hi, i’m also studying for ccna. wish me luck. i hope i could keep it up to be a ccnp. i know that’s still a long wy to go. i’m looking forward your nice articles, thanks

    • zoro,
      you can do it man..just listen to what I say. I feel I have a handle on cisco stuff. You are doing good
      by searching out others who are learning. You can do it just work hard and life (God) will bless you.
      It may take awhile. But I believe that God bless those who work their butts off and help others along the way.
      You can do it.

  6. No worries about the rap thing, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. I don’t think that rap is the problem but I do think the problem lies in putting too much emphasis on rap. Rap is entertainment and nothing more. Too many kids listen to it like its the gospel and there is nothing in their lives to refute it or cancel it out. I grew up on NWA and Ice T but I am not out there shooting cops or anything. I knew that although it may be their lifestyle it wasn’t mine. We just have to have more positive images and role models in our communities. I will definitely make this year a break out year for me. I want to accomplish a lot and I will work hard to do it.

    • Awesome Greg, however I do not believe in songs with the words – kill your mom kill your dad and pump a cap in the cop next store. and well my son who grew up on rap in calif is always waving his hand out the windows of my truck saying ” I bust a cap in ya” and the influence Violent rap has had on my son has been really bad; he thinks gangs are cool cause they get the chicks
      and the money (but doesnt see the non-hollywood side of ganges) -rape, beatings, killings,and drugs…I have heard some really cool rap. so I am very paticular aboutthe words and the positive message. To have more good influence than bad; yeah I listen to crazy stuff when I was a kid but I am no killer either, but I do believe what goes into your mind and heart, you mimick! You are doing such a great think by being an example for the young….and yu can listen to your cool music and say see I am a cool nerd that works hard and is smart and can have fun without bustin a cap in ya! kind of guy. Good luck and hard work with your studies greg. Try that guy Jason Gibson, mathtutordvd.com freaking awesome videos that will help in school cheap and in additon to your teachers.
      later man!

  7. With all my respects, let me say that if you forgot subnetting and route summary in a matter of months, CCNP will be HARD for you!!!

    I didn’t took 640-802 but 640-801 and I had a score of 842 points first time (to pass it was 850) and two weeks later I had a score of 970+/- about a year later I’m studying CCNP and the only thing I’m getting difficulties with is BGP as I didn’t ever touch it and I have no one to explain it to me!!! I don’t know how are you feeling studying CCNP, but if you feel quite lost for whatever reason -not enough time, many theory, …- think about getting a CCNA specialization instead of going to CCNP, at least in Barcelona, there are more places where they find CCNA specialists in one or another field than CCNP, I have to say that in Spain there is no much job-market for IT people and some job offers ask for CCNA/CCNP/CCIE certificates like it was the same, and two CCIE I met bot said that it’s not valued to have this certification here… so I just can give you my opinion based on what I know, I don’t know what is the situation in the US.

    I’ll keep reading your blog posts!


    • carles a person can get rusty on stuff. everyone is built different. I can refresh my memory by just looking at it again. would never say to anyone that ccnp is so hard. I have seen ccnp stuff an it is nothing more than beefed up CCNA stuff. I can see it is time consuming. But from time to time even the best need a refresher on the basics. but I appreciate you input. I have been busy right now finishing my BS in computer science so my brain gets fried with info overload but I grad next june 2010 and my 4 year degree is #1 right now but I still play and practice a bit on my systems to next year hammer out ccnp 😉 and ccvp. thanks bud for chatting. nothing is impossible for those who work their ass es off! and i am one of them thanks;!

  8. Check out this dude!!

    He’s banging, performed alongside chart-toppers like Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk.

    He’s the Future!!

    • hey john thanks wow he is a christian isnt he, how did you know i was a christian?
      where do i know you from. he is really good. i dont like rap but when i heard that an dthe words he sounded like a christiahn wowo thank you so much that blessed me man
      praise the Lord man!

  9. Hi!!!

    How is CCNP going on??? 🙂


    • Carles
      my ccnp is going good I am going to India next year for 5 months. to take a few cert programs
      but this year I plan on reviewing for sure before I go ccnp with the new v6 like ROUTE/SWITCH/TSHOOT.
      I have some CBTS on them and I have built my CCNP lab well with 3550s 2950s 1760s with T1 cards
      and have an ASA 5505 to work on and some more routers. will practice all commands before I go to my IT school.
      I am just going for it next year. Lord Willing only!

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