My jobs sucks! What you should do about it!

Here’s the bottom line: You have to get a job, you have to go to work and someday, you’ll probably have to change jobs. “CAREER BUILDING: Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work” (Collins Business) is a one-stop guide for navigating all those times in your career.

There’s just no denying the signs. In fact you don’t need any signs at all, you just can’t stand your job. But how many of us have the luxury of just up and leaving a lousy job without having another lined up?

Having a job you hate is never an easy thing to deal with, but sometimes you just need to grin and bear it until you have another gig lined up. Whether you’re currently stuck because you just have to pay the bills or are holding out for the next great opportunity, here are some ways to get through the day:

Set weekly goals for yourself.
Sometimes it is easier to make it to 5 o’clock when you can keep your eye on the prize. Even if you hate your job now, there is something out there that will make you happy. Make weekly goals to help you find that golden opportunity. One week you might strive to send out five résumés or attend one networking event. Setting these goals will give you something to work toward.

Do one thing each day to help you reach your goals.
You don’t need to cross all your goals off your list every day, but you can chip away daily. When you get up in the morning, set a daily objective for yourself and make sure you achieve it. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you feeling good about your progress.

Give yourself “me time” before work.
Going into a job you hate will be worse if you get to the office feeling rushed, stressed and frazzled. Set aside some moments of solitude each morning.

Develop a positive morning ritual.
Treat yourself to a latte, get up early enough to read the paper, or just set your alarm to play upbeat music when you wake up. Improving your mornings can do wonders for the rest of your day.

Create a diversion for yourself in the office.
Does being in your office make you yearn for the outdoors? Are the incessant ringing phones driving you batty? Do something to brighten your mood while you’re at work. Take in a tropical picture and use it as your screensaver. Buy yourself a “joke of the day” desk calendar. Plug headphones into your computer or bring your iPod to work. Go out for lunch.

Use your time to develop your skills.
Hating your job doesn’t mean you can’t learn new skills. Use your time to make yourself a better candidate down the road. If your company offers training courses, take advantage of them. Use downtime to learn something new on your computer. Pick up a management development book and read it at lunch. Turn this job into an opportunity for self-improvement.

Blow off some steam.
Most people have an activity that helps them unwind and get rid of tension. Go for a run after work, go swimming on your lunch hour, or take a nice long walk. Put this activity on your schedule so you will have something to look forward to every day.

Treat yourself.
To make up for your office misery, find little ways of treating yourself. Buy a good book to read. Treat yourself to ice cream. Buy some flowers. Shop for a new interview suit. Plan your next vacation. Find out what makes you feel better inside, no matter what is going on outside.

Maintain your performance.
It is important to continue to do your work and do it well, regardless of your current situation. Set personal performance goals. Then use the accomplishments in future interviews.

Keep your bridges intact.
It really is a small world, and you never know when you will run into co-workers from your past. Don’t burn any bridges at your company because you are unhappy. Maintain your contacts and keep your relationships positive. You might just need a reference or a good word from one of your colleagues in the future.

Realize that this too shall pass.
Right now, it might seem like you will be stuck in this job forever. Keep your chin up and remind yourself that you are in charge of your destiny. Search internal postings for new positions. Start your search for a new job externally.

From the editors of, CAREER BUILDING is filled with the statistics, tips and priceless information on job-hunting and working in the digital age, including good and bad résumé samples, using social networking, searching online, résumé “keywords” and e-mail mistakes to avoid. In today’s unstable economic climate, CAREER BUILDING is the guide you can’t afford to go without.


10 Responses to “My jobs sucks! What you should do about it!”

  1. Manny Candelario Says:

    Hi Robert is everything okay! I been trying to email you today and call, all is down? Call me I have some good new.
    Manny C.

    • mannny when you call me on my cell i gave you i will give you new numbers yeah my home phone is changed to a cell
      and i have a new email . sorry man. yeahh call the cell number i gave you else email me at robert1 AT Itdaddy dot net. and i will email you my pphone number
      just been crazy busy man.. it is over 😉 sort of ahah

  2. MannYy Candelario Says:

    Well dude I made it through the first course with a 4.0 GPA and I got a job at Fujitsu America, INC. Thank you for all your help. In if I have offended you in any way, please forgive me. Take Care and if I can be of help in any way let me know.
    God Bless always.
    Your Brother In Christ.
    Manny Candelario

    • dude great job. I am so excited for you. no I am never offended. It takes a hellavalot to offend me. No I have been so busy with my life nutz.
      I tried to call you man but you must be busy too. I will try to call you again.
      SOrry I have not got a hold of you my life has been nutz but back to normal now 😉 yeah

  3. Rofi Neron Says:

    can’t say enough, well known story.
    in the current environment I do not recommend adventures but using the time to upgrade your skills so when the time come you are in a better position for the next job.
    you can see how I’m dealing with the same problem in my blog:

    good luck!
    Rofi Neron

    • cool site man yeah dualism yeah next year my life will change; i am finishing my BS degree in computer
      science..thank God no more college for awhile and it will be strictly cisco and Microsoft certs hammer time 😉
      yeah and hobbies of course 😉
      but i have adde you to my blog and way cool i would love the route course you have 😉 have a good one
      and God bless you man in your endeavors you can do it

  4. Hey Frnd, many thanks for this article… really nice and helpful.. I’ve placed a printout at my desk (lol, @ office) .. even I hate my job where I am working now…


    • Amrit
      haha my friend believe me. check this out. I hated my job for 6 years. then my boss gets fired and then I get hired as IT Manager
      for a financial. what do you think of that. I say to your work hard, be honest, put God first in your life (christ) and great thinks will happen.
      maybe not right away but But God blesses those who put him first. hang in there my friend. Yep keep pushing and train train train in IT.
      I at home built my own home network and domain and email server because at work my boss limited me. maybe it is good our bosses are jerks for some time
      in our life. it makes us creative to teach ourselves to survive..go for it man! never give up and be creative and train train train and love what you do
      your break will come man it will! who knew my boss of 24 years at a company would all of a suddent get fired..who knew! but I was prepared and ready.
      and my new boss the president said you have been waiting along time robert, congrats! cool huH~! your time will come!

      • Yeah, After reading your article I am now putting my efforts in work (earlier I just hate to come office), you’re absolutly right dear friend.. I am really inspired. 🙂

        aha, BTW I am in 2nd Semester of MSc. in Telecom Technologies, will go for Cisco Voice later on.. keep in touch frnd , will keep bug you (lol, kidding 🙂

  5. Manny Candelario Says:

    Hi Robert I am so happy for you. You have blessed me in my time of need and God has Bless you. I have completed the master’s program. I will now focus on Cisco certifications.

    Thank you Robert,

    Manny Candelario, B.S. M.I.S. A+ Net+ CCNA

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