Windows Media Player Won’t Play Avi?


Great news go to this site and downlowd this codec

TechSmith Screen Capture Codec

I am posting this on my CCNA blog because this has been a pain in my Arse for so long. I finally found the right codec for my Windows Media Player 11. Go figure MS doesn’t have all that is needed right out of the box. That is what sucks about MS nothing works right out of the box and I mean never.

Spoken like a true network admin.


11 Responses to “Windows Media Player Won’t Play Avi?”

  1. Thats true same thing happened to me, had to mail TrainSignal support for this.

    • yeah I was freaking out until I found the right codec it was kind of pissing me off 😉 ahhahaa
      glad it helped or glad you found out! yeah!

  2. What about just getting a media player that has support for most of the formats out. Check out:
    It has native support for DVDs, xvid/divx, h264 and ogg unlike windows media player. If you have a windows media player that does support DVDs, the manufacturer (HP,Dell,Toshiba…) Put it there to help with this glaring omission.

    • i tried that but i really like WMP a lot and well it just needed a codec that is all …hey thanks

    • I love windows media plater and I tried other ones that said the could play it and all i need was a codec that was missing and I used
      the codec that wmp gave as a result. even though i hate MS$$ at times that have some good stuff;? oxymorone ahhaa

  3. I have downloaded everything and anything to try to get avi videos to play in WMP and nothing will work!! someone help me!

  4. When you have lot of other media players like VLC then y taking pain by using WMP i hardly remember when i last time used the WMP

  5. have you tried a codec pack? i recomend k-lite. I think this is the url, but if it isn’t you can just search for it on google.

  6. This will give you a zip of the codec. worked with wmp on winxp, can now play avi on wmp.

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