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Why is Jesus a part of Network Engineering?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2010 by itdaddy

Why is Jesus a part of Network Engineering? There is a huge reason why Jesus is a huge part of it. I love my career field but I recently thought I was having a heart attack at my apartment. Thank God I wasn’t. It was something else. But during that time at emergency room I got to thinking about my life. I know another life and God story but really listen to me I am serious. When we are young 15 to 35-ish. We think we have life by the balls but as you get older in your 40s and higher, you see your relatives start to die, uncles and aunts and grandmas and grandpas die off. If you are blessed you even see them pass away which is even more eye opening to your mortality. You see all your old movie stars dying because of some disease or just old age and then you meet people in life who (most) have no assurance of where they are going when they die? Well, I can tell you from experience that when you’re in a near death experience you start to think really fast if you are ready to go or not to pass from this physical life through physical death to the spiritual life. And this is a big deal to really all of us. Just cover your mouth of your friend so they cannot breath and see how important living is? Stupid  I know but just see how they fight! I have met people who boast like it is no big deal dying and all and then grab their  mouth and show them it is a big deal to live forever. We all want to live forever and you can. Read on.

It is important for us to live and to live forever(Ecclesiastes 3:11). When I was in college my first 2 years, I took a World Religions class to study the 10 major religions. I got an A in the course, and my teacher was Gay. He loved the way I detailed my papers on each, and he wanted me to compare and contrast my own religion (Jesus on the cross way) with all the rest. He said he wanted to keep all my papers to use them as examples of what kind of work he expected. I was floored. Well any way, my comparison was this. Now mind you, I didn’t grow up in church, I went to Catholic church 2x in life and that was it. So I knew only what my parents said and that wasn’t much. So no background really in religion. I believed living life to the max and grabbing what you needed and God just loves and as long as I didn’t hurt anyone or murder anyone I was good to go to heaven. These were my rules.

 Well these were my own thoughts on it. But the only problem with it was, these were my plans. I was not the creator of myself nor the creator of this world. I wasn’t really even sure of myself. I mean. But later on in life, this friend of mine in the military asked me to come to church, I said yes. When he began to talk of this Jesus who was God incarnate and died for me and rose to show his power to raise the dead. And this Jesus washed people’s feet to show humility. And then was beaten and died on the cross of his own free will. And how even Roman historians (a non Christian) wrote about Jesus and this Jesus a real person written about in history like 700 years before Muhammad, I began to realize this is a man who said he was God and died for me and my sins and all my sins past present and future. All I have to do is admit I am a sinner, accept his love and gift of grace of dying for me and paying the penalty for my sins and turn from my sinful life and live for him relying on his word and his help daily and then I am assured of a place in heaven!? Wow I thought. When I looked at all 9 other religions of the world I saw (which my instructor said I laid out perfectly) all the other religions but Christianity were based off works! With the other 9 religions, you had to work to get to heaven or levels of heaven. Where Jesus said that he died for me and  that I need God and salvation is not of self but of the sacrifice Jesus went through to purchase our salvation.

 Then I read about Satan and how he fell and who Satan was? Satan is a being God created who was called Lucifer and was a greatest Angel in heaven that guarded the garden of Eden. He was top dog created by God. Who became arrogant and said to himself, “I don’t need God I am a GOD. I am better than GOD.” He became arrogant and selfish and he is the epitome of self-centeredness. He said to himself that he was great without God’s help. He forgot who made him and who he should give praise to. I say the way of the cross of Christ is to say “I need God, I need Christ. I am not good or great without God. God gives everyone different gifts and talents. He doesn’t show favoritism. Everything and every position in life is given by God and he can take away if he so desires. There is no one greater than God. We only need to do his will and be thankful. He distributes everyone different gifts to see if we all rely on God. He gives everyone different gifts. Some people are very good looking people; some people are very ugly people on the outside, but it is our job if ugly or good looking to rely on God. It is these outward things that are deceiving to us all. Life is a big huge test and a place to enjoy the Lord’s gifts but it is really a 80-100 year test to see if you will live for him the only true God. Since he is life and he gives life and he is maker of all, he makes the rules. I say follow a God who lays down his life for his loved ones, I say follow a God who says love your brother as yourself, I say follow a God who says do good to others, I say follow a God who says overcome evil with good. In the Koran the Muslim Bible it says Allah is the greatest of all deceivers.

 What I have learned is this take it or leave it. Islam is the religion of the Koran just like Christianity is the religion of the Bible. Deceiver in the Koran about Allah originally means that Muslims can lie about their faith (they mimic their God Allah’s characteristics) as long as people can join their faith because of the lie this is a good thing. Coming to Christ is based off of your free will and you believing in truth not in tricks or lies. What I mean is this: You cannot mix FIRE and  ICE. fire being the word of God in the Holy ChristianBible saying Chrsit died for us all and Islamic Bible the Koran stating Allah help decived others to fake Christ death. This is the lie. YOU CANNOT mix FIRE and ICE, else you get mush! nothing! LIESSSSSS..God/Jesus is TRUTH..I seek TRUTH not a deceiver!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I mean for you muslims who care more about pride in a religion that TRUTH! Open you hearts and minds to the l0ve of God for you. be honest with yourself and you will find Christ. Be honest with yourself and look around and study the Koran over the Bible and you will see these religions are Fire and Ice. Ice being the Koran and Fire being the Christian Holy Bible. God is a consuming fire the bible says. You will see that even in the Koran written 700 years after Jesus died talks about how Jesus death was a lie.! I say haahah how stupid. This is Satan pushing his agenda. (John 14:6) Jesus is the way the truth and the life. He  is the door to God’s heart and heaven. One last thing. If you truly study bible prophecy, you will see there was a Sodom and Gomorra, there was a Noah’s ark, there was the crossing of the red sea by Moses and Israel, there was  a Jesus who did die even according to Roman history that he was the Christ and God. The true God. Moreover, if you study the Koran their Messiah is the Christian’s Antichrist or Satan (incarnate). And their Isa is their Jesus which is Satan as well. The real Jesus comes back in the clouds not on the ground in the form of a man. This time he comes back as a leader of the armies of heaven to conquer Satan and in the book of Revelation he does destroy Satan and his armies. Best be on his side. Jesus wins.

 Watch this video above on you tube and think about it. Would you rather guess about life and hope you make it thru? or live for Allah and a God who deceives and lies to get its point across? Or look at Jesus and think wow. here is a God. the God who would die for me. and all have to do is accept his gift of love and death turn from my sin and live for him. My Christian life is amazing. If anyone were to try to kill me or make me denounce Christ as God in my life, I would say pull the trigger man. I will be seeing heaven and him sooner. God wants everyone to go to heaven but what gets in the way is the selfishness of man  and the pride of man, and the devil helps keep you away from him. I say give Jesus a real and honest chance. Watch this video and look in your heart and ask Jesus to show himself real to you.

God bless you all…Your friend Robert (itdaddy)  Oh yeah, why is Jesus a part of network engineering? Because as much as I love my career, it is not everything. Living forever is what everyone wants and I have power to live life daily with just a prayer away to give me strength or reading his word daily gives me strength. What do you have? And where are you going when you die and is it your rules or are you going to live by God’s rules? I live by the rules of the one who made them just like you and I live by the rules of Cisco on the command line.

They being Cisco made the rules, it is our job to follow those rules and commands. They can be fun just like the command line and network engineering is for us! Lots of rewards for following the rules of Cisco and maybe success and the same with Christianity. Receive his gift of salvation, and you will be changed forever in a great way and assured a place in the Lambs book of life (Revelation 22).  See you in heaven my friends. Let us lift Jesus up! Jesus rocks ! Jesus is the Lord!

And Jesus is coming soon! We are in the last days. read the book of Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and both books of Thessalonians of the new testament. It explains and describes the last days and we are in them.  Do not take the mark of the beast. The Christian Bible says you can still be saved if you do not  take the mark of the beast. You will have to die for the name of Christ but you know all of us are dying anyways. To die for Christ is an honor! And you will be transported to heaven in a micro second. Yeah! Some die slower some die faster but all go to the same place the grave. Why not choose Christ today as your Savior and live. You will not go wrong with Jesus. Give him your heart and trust no matter how you feel each day. Say to yourself. “I will trust in you Lord Jesus despite myself!!!!” I believe in God who is the Christ our Lord! Ask Him to come into your heart and be your Savior. Turn from your old way of living. Find a Christian Bible and read about who God is and his love for us and you.

See you in heaven my brothers and sisters!

-IT Daddy