My new ccnp rack – more practical and neat


My New Rack setup possibilties

My current Skelek 28u rack is nice but I need to weld horns on the side or hooks to loop all my cables.

I am advancing in my careerfield and run so many configs it is hard to see heads or tails of my connections

So I am moving to this type of lab setup for now until I can weld some hooks or horns on my Skeletck 28u rack.

This is the first pic of a few more until I am finished. More to come.


14 Responses to “My new ccnp rack – more practical and neat”

  1. YearningForCiscoCerts Says:

    I just seen that you have moved your equipment out the rack cause of the ‘wire’s-web’. Have you seen the cable management rings dantraknet dot com has in the accessories section? Eight for approximately 15 bucks give or take the shipping options is a good deal for the time it takes to make them yourself. Or if you are good with welding, at least an idea what to make for yours.

    Please post an update when you solved this.

  2. Great!!! But, you aren’t married? The rack is in your kitchen ;-D or the refrigerator is only to backup of the beer… rsrsrsr.

    See u.

    • hhaha very true do not put in kitchen…the only reason I went with this is so I can see the connections better πŸ˜‰ and have a light a real sight to sight
      I still love my old metal rack I use it for real world home connections like home system apart from my lab πŸ˜‰

  3. What’s crackin big daddy? πŸ˜‰

    • well I am IT Manager at our credit union. I finsihed my BS in computer science last year. and I got my CCNA security
      next will be ccna Voice ICOMM 8 and then ccnp after I do some CCNP work and experience.
      then I hope CCNP voice and then CCNP – Security. how are you doing??

  4. “Nice Rack!”, Pun intended πŸ™‚ Found your site trolling for CCNA info, Great Stuff, enjoy your posts.

    • hahaha I know what you mean hahahaha i am going to another rack soon hope to post. πŸ˜‰ a 4 post rack OHM!

      • Can’t wait to see your new rack πŸ™‚ Hahaha…. well, D-day has arrived and will be testing for the CCNA (ICND 2) tomorrow, on Friday the 13th..fudge!

  5. Seems very cool. Nice picture.

    • crap I really did like this but I just bought a Ohm 19 inch 4 post rack with the changeable nuts which are better than the normal drilled kind with threads.
      i will post it once I am done I will explain my dilemma why I move to a 4 post rack and it was very cheap too and seems like it will be a good lightweight rack
      for ccnp and beyond

      • Hi,

        I am also preparing for CCNP. Now preparing BGP. Your lab looks great. I tried to get that type of rack, but not availble in my place. Here we have costly racks (around 220 USD for a 27u rack).

        Could you please please update the Cisco CCNP equipment list which you are using ?

        Thanks for the

      • 1760s, 830 soho router, 1811 x 2, 1 ASA 5510 2 x 3550 cats, 3 x 2950s that is it.
        Ohm rocks if you can get one one ebay get it very cheap and works great.

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