MYPORNBLOCKER SCAM SCAM SCAM! is a scam. trust me…if you want to know more email me at robert  at itdaddy dot net.

I will explain what a joke it is. They advertise to the hilt and it looks very professional but it is satan in disguiseto rip you off.

It ripped me off big time. The program is a joke and their customer service is a joke. They are a rip-off!!
Scam Scam

SCAM SCAM SCAM  rip off big time…



  1. YearningForCiscoCerts Says:

    Hey Robert, you are in luck that you bought that crap thru clickbank, they have the best return policy, you have to contact them before 60 days from day of purchase and give them the invoice number on your order and cancel, if the sales gives you hassle, contact clickbank customer support and complain… and for the future, if you see any deal that is from clickbank.. do real research before you buy. how are you in terms of cisco path?

    fyi you are advertising someones tag “jsb414” that will get commission for any sale if some reader just buys it blindfolded without reading your post

  2. Thank God I found this blog!!!! I could find nowhere else to complain about MyPornBlocker. It seems all the other reviews out there on the net are trying to sell the product too.

    1. MyPornBlocker will only work when you type extremely simple words into a search engine like “sex” and “porn.”

    2. MyPornBlocker will NOT DO ANYTHING if you type in other extremely simple words like “blowjob” “two guys one girl” and host of other pornographic themes/words (I could name hundreds). NOTHING HAPPENS. This is the easiest “protection” that any horny adolescent can crack right through with their eyes closed.

    3. Martin will NEVER EVER respond to your emails.

    4. ITDaddy’s right!…..Customer Service was very informal, inconsistant, a real joke to deal with.

    5. As YearningforCisco says……THANK GOODNESS I bought this through clickbank.

    This product was made to be refunded. Biggest joke. It fooled me, don’t let it fool you.

    Thanks ITDaddy for this blog!

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