Love my Ohm rack best yet!!! Spaced On the Money!

Okay, I finally got off my butt and decided it was time to get serious about CCNP and other CCNP track certs. I bought a cheap but awesome rack called OHM. These are the main reasons I love this rack:

Cannot believe how these guys engineered the spacing. I have paid at my work 800.00 plus for same kind of racks that the spacing sucks rocks! OHM! blows them away…

1. Price uner $200.00

2. fast delivery to my house

3. easy to put together – and I hate putting crap together

4. the 1 U is exacly space correcly. Most racks you pay for are crappely spaced and never match up. Where Ohm they engineer and mark these 1 U spaces.
I have paid for racks that hold the same amount of servers and switches and paid 5 -8 times as much money and they were terribly spaceds. Ohm they seem to take pride in their racks being spaced perfectly.

5. Just love it nice to keep things organized. YEAH!!!!

Here are some picks to prove this:





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