About Me – IT Daddy


Two of my favorite sayings are:

“Winners do what losers do not want to do!” – Dr Phil

“It is never a matter of if, it is only a matter of when!” – itdaddy

this is IT Daddy Speaking. This is my new tech forum for CCNA studies (640-802). My Goal is to give you skill-set by skill-set explanations of skills involved with CCNA 802 exam. I want to display my studies.

Here goes. I am excited on my new adventure. I would love to be a CCIE. And maybe I can get there with the help of all of you. Let us kick some Ass with CCNA! My goal is to use this blog as a study tool for me and maybe for you. If I can teach it, I can learn it. It makes me disciplined to study harder to explain it better. I only list the harder stuff and some just cool stuff. What I mean by harders is stuff like (EIGRP, OSPF, STP, and IPV6 stuff) the other stuff like command like “banner MOTD and “service password-encryption” and “enable secret” stuff I leave for labs the final week to do. I am going to concentrate on the major stuff and last week maybe spend a day with the what I call “easy-stuff”. Oh yeah, I want to focus on DEBUGGING as well (debug, debug, debug). I see a lot of people fail or do poorly in the troubleshooting portions of CCNA. I want to cover the major stuff well. So feel free to take what you want or (email me questions at “robert at itdaddy dot net”. I am spelling my email out to prevent bots from spamming me.

Please feel free to read my CCNA 802 study blog and catch stuff that I may have missed. I will be adding extra stuff like HSRP and SSH tunneling, port-mirror commands, because I want to know how it works or I have done it and it is just cool. I will be adding mostly CCNA 640-802 skills, but from time to time I will be adding (the extra mile skills like HSRP and SSH tunneling like I did already). So enjoy and take what you want. If I say something wrong, let me know so I can fix it. If you like what I have done, let me know and let me know your goals. CCIE here I come!

Let’s Rock!


-itdaddy (aka robert)


35 Responses to “About Me – IT Daddy”

  1. Aragoen Celtdra Says:

    I like the new look, man! Keep them posts coming…

  2. Yeah thanks! Aragoen! I hope to list and post skill-set by skill-sets that are required by CCNA and list maybe some proofs as to how you know they worked. I have some cool proofs for some labs. And anyone can use my notes categorized nicely for their quick review before an exam. And of course I can use them too. Hee hee! My plan! Plus this BLog Study Idea of mine will help me study better and pay closer attention to what I am doing. And I encourage anyone to call me on it when I am in error! I have done a lot with my CCNA, but I am not perfect just yet! See you soon!


  3. Hi, excellent source of information. Congratulations. I’m studying right now for the CCNA 802 exam. I want to know the fast and easy way to learn subneting. Its so confusing for me. Thanks.

    • chris bryant subnetting tutorial and use subnettingquestions.com
      push yourself daily to 30 minutes daily so you dont forget even after you pass ccna keep doing 30 minutes daily.

  4. Subnetting is the easiest subject if you learn it right.


    • Tharaka,
      anything is easy if you learn it right….I do not think subnetting is easy at first
      just like I dont physics and vectors is easy at first but with practice all things get
      and become easy….my friend….CBT nugggets and Chris Bryant have some easy ways of doing subnetting
      and I have modified it to my own way…as you have done. And I bet there are better methods
      than what you and I have learned just like there are many ways to the same answer….numbers are cool!

  5. How’s everything going my brother?!? You need to update more man. Oh and thanks for all the cool comments you leave on my blog. You have a way of making me appear better than I am. LOL!
    Keep on truckin’ my friend!

  6. Samuel
    your questions are simple “find the subnet range and make sure the given ip numbers are within the range of the subnet range you calculated”. Go to subnettingquestion.com
    and practice 30 minutes daily without missing.
    For these questions, find the range and compare bam! done!

    • I have your answer will give it to you tonight.
      I didnt understand your question. You can reverse engineer if you are given choices but you cannot reverse engineer and come up with answers because they can be anything past that bit value set! If they give you A-B choices you can look at the ip numbers and see which ones will fit into the summary address but you cannot just gues and reverse engineer values if you do not know what they are. In the examples you gave me to solve they give you the values to make sure they fit into the summary address. Watch tonight I will give you the explanation on how to figure this out. you will get it once I show you. so be ready to get my answer tonight. I have to run to the gym and workout be back later and I will answer you. Is kind of fun to solve and easy really.

  7. 1.) B & D
    2.) D & E

    Hint, hint!

    Subnetting 😉 Explain away Mr. ITDaddy 😀

    • thanks G..yeah once I saw the question yeah if they give them to you but I thought he was asking me to pull them from the bit world…yeah if the give them to you you can use bit notation and see which ones exceed the bit values.I am going to try to explain and do a whitepaper to explain; all it is is really route summary like you did it. I am just going to write them out all in bit notation the 3rd octet that is and you can see which two make it. thanks G ! hahaah I like when people ask me questions.

      I just fixed my ASA 5505 up and well I am solving a big issue with my email server. I have a proxy email server I go thru and well for the life of me I could not get my asa 5505 to run smtp traffic back to proxy email server but today finally found how to do that yeah! I will be posting that you MR CCNP dude you…I am so happy G you are on your way to CCIE
      they will call you CCIG! hahaha not CCIE haa
      i like that CCIG!
      later dude, burn the rest of your IP in 1 year or less you will be ccnp in 1 year mark my words today is 20 mar 09 in 1 year you will be CCNP kicking arsE!

  8. Keith Taylor Says:

    Just thought I would send out a comment and let everyone know how just how hard itdaddy works for you. Not only does the man have a job, but he is also trying to finish up schooling so he can reply with better answers for you all. The man works and blogs all at the same time which isn’t surprising because his mind setting of being extremely young at heart always keeps him moving and grooving. He will do whatever in his power to help another man in trouble out so take this into consideration and bring in more people to blog for his entertainment.

    • what up dog! thanks for the kind word man! you will go far for kissing my butt! hahhaha thanks keith. I am excited to get your parts to so your PC and run way better ;)it is going to be cool. dude catch you monday at work 😉

  9. Manny Candelario Says:

    Robert I just ran across your T Blog site. , and must say it is a blessing. I just started last month the cisco ccna study program with prologic of FL a video course. I also added Sybex Todd Lammle study guide, fast pass and sim lab. I order my first routers and switches for my home lab last week and will have some 90 labs to work with. I am however very nervous about the exam and was very glad to have ran across your informational blog on the ccna. Thank you and if you have the time I would like to speak to you personally about your exam experience and my nervous feelings about it. I believe this would help with confidence and understanding of objectives.
    Thanks, Manny

    • Manny
      anytime you need help just email me at my home email. .. robert (AT) ITDADDY (DOT) NET.
      Ask as many questions as you want as much as you want. I love to refresh myself on topics I have mastered before.
      Helping you also helps me and some day you will help someone else out. Cool dude and thank

  10. Hi,

    I found this blog by chance it looks great, I shall be adding it to my rss feed, quite interested in doing the CCNA myself so shall watch this with interest.


    • dude go for it. also get hooked up with techexams.net they are a great help and many more guys studying ccna..
      I have not posted much any more regarding ccna 802 exam since I passed it last august 2008 but i do post stuff once in awhile….thanks i have worked very hard for ccna and if you do you can pass it too. good luck and work your butt off!

  11. Nice blog! I’m glad to see some Cisco/Tech blogs with a mix of content, not just technical stuff.

    I look forward to reading more and feel free to stop by and check out http://www.ciscocertifiedhell.com — I’m trying to get in the habit of posting more, and am hoping that with some readership, that it will naturally follow.


  12. If you allow me ItDaddy…


    I maintain a study blog for the CCNA 640-802 certification, now becoming more like a CCNP & CCNA certification, because it’s evolving as I am.
    I write it in portuguese, but the semi-automatic translation is very good.

    I have materials like labs, resumes, study guides and a lot of other quality stuff. Check it out.

    Maurício Bento Ghem.

  13. Your site is awesome!! Love all the comments and pictures you show!!

    Great job man!!! Keep them coming!!!!

    • thanks i am trying. i have a bunch of cool stuff later to share. I am bulding my t1 wan at home it is going to be awesome!
      i was gone for awhile so i am back now and hope to post some cool stuff

  14. My god.

    That’s some nice home project. Are you building it for learning purposes or for business?

    Cheers itdaddy!

    • Yo Bentow,

      90 percent for home lab. I am going to host a friends web site but nothing more. But I do IT work on the side for some small businesses. But really to be honest, I am trying to mimic my work WAN. We use T1 lines using csu/dsu time speed devices and well I am trying to mimic that with 4 sites and running voip across them. I plan on getting 3 or 4 3550s when they come down in price I hope hee hee. But I am trying to learn this stuff by building it. That is the best way I learn once I build it then I can go and hammer out my ccnp say in 6 months to a year but first I want to find my first love which is to do handson; so many people want to burn certs like breathing air. Me I am tired of the hussle and bussle and wanto to just play and learn then I can study by book my heart. So many people want Big bucks fast and big certs but me I just want to enjoy what I do. I think the enjoyment is lost with who has got what cert and look how big a cisco engineer I am. I am taking it slower in the sense where I am building a system voip everything then I can concentrate on certs. Don’t get me wrong I am after certs but I am first after the skill. And some people can do both great but for me. I need to enjoy what I do at a pace I like. I have so many interests. I love both Microsoft stuff, linux, and cisco and programming. I am all over the place so I am building a hugh production like home lab that will work. I plan on hooking IP phones at each site and of course our beloved POTS there too. So then I can be well rounded. Once I get it all working. I will good about studying each cert and hammering them out. Good luck in your future bro. God bless you.
      -Robert (aka itdaddy)

  15. Hey ItDaddy,

    That’s what it is all about. Doing what you like the most.

    I didn’t get you wrong about the certs. The thing is that I love this network world. I myself am a Linux guru, but more a Cisco guru than Linux. But, since I’m finishing college (I’m only 21), and I can’t work because I don’t have the time (full time college), I’m focusing on certs, because I get the knowledge from studying and practicing a lot for it.

    I think your idea to build your own WAN network is OUTSTANDING. I already did this kind of thing, where you have a problem and you can provide with the solution, but you don’t charge for your hours, and you get something much bigger, in your case, your WAN network (no sure if it’s the case, but could be hehehe)

    Well, let’s keep up the good work. Tell me how is this experience.

    The problem in Brazil for hosting is the cost of everything. A 4MB full-duplex, plus a /25 IP Block costs at least R$2500,00 (+-U$1400,00), so it’s best to host offshore in the US. You can get outstanding prices for a Dedicated Server with a HUGE ISP for as low as U$ 159,00. So, for me to have my own WAN will take some time, but I’ll have it heheeheh

    Nice to talk to you.

    Cheers ItDaddy.
    Maurício ‘Bentow’ Ghem

  16. hi dear IT Daddy,
    Thanks a lot for your Website and different subjects, you are talking about, I really appreciate that we have such a nice people to share your knowledge , THANKS A GAIN, one simple question,
    I am configuring an Access Server wit Cisco 2511 router, I can access that from home , But unfortunately I can NOT access that outside of my home, CAN YOU PLEASE PROVIDE ME A COPY OF YOUR ACCESS-SEVER COMFIGURATION ?
    Thanks a lot and wish you all the bests,
    Mans from Canada

    • To access your home lab from a public computer into your home lab I did this.

      1. setup a ssh server on my network that is before or on the same subnet as your 2511.
      2. then set a static port or port forward in your belkin or linksys router to send SSH traffic (port 22) to your ssh server.
      3. then one you ssh into your ssh server you can telnet from the ssh server into the local LAN onto your 2511.
      4. use putty.exe works great. Tunnel ssh first, then telnet using putty to remote in look on interent how to tunnel and then telnet from that ssh server.
      have fun

  17. Manny Candelario Says:

    Congratulations! Remember and you will be a great leader.
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    Manny C

    • thanks manny super tips will look into.
      but as a christian God is making more like him like Jesus more selfless centered. Jesus was selfless he gave it all for us. But I will look into what you are talking about good words man good words.

  18. I have a cat I call Little Shit! what should I changed his name to Little Poop?

  19. How did you know Jesus didnt talk that way? Where you there?

  20. Is.. This still active? Im looking to start a ccna lab of my own, and came across this blog. Lots of diagrams about the pictures im seeing, and thats very helpful- thank you- but is it current?

    • it is not so much active anymore it is old 802 stuff but some is helpful. I sued my blog to make practice notes for ccna 802 exam but I am studying ccnp and I have not really been able to update my blog sorry mates

  21. IT isn’t what it used to be – The Bean Counters have screwed it up and so many good people are standing in lines with resumes – The only way to protect yourself within this climate is arm yourself with more certs then the next guy – Keep your skills tight and never allow yourself to take anything for granted you’re only as good as the last disaster you cleaned up – So we all grab for straws and as much free info as possible – 10 cool points to ITDADDY !!!!

    • yeah you are right, IT jobs that pay good for what we do are far and few but if you keep certifying and keep studying and keep preparing
      your hard work will pay off. but balance it with family life. work is not everything and neither is money..it is people you love and the God you serve.

  22. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could possibly give me some career advice. But first here is my background so that make a judgement could be easier.

    As of now, I have about 4.5 years of IT experience mostly working in the linux realm of things such so light lamp admin when I was at xerox along with some php and web dev which was also very little. I worked in the NOC at Xerox and as of now I work in a NOC for NYISO which doesnt include a whole lot of linux only when things faill and we have to ssh into servers and what not as well escaulating events that require level2 or level3 support.

    Now that you have some background info on me, my question to you is:

    if I am more passionate about say working with cisco and or juniper networking gear how will obtaining a possible cert in one or possibly both help me in my current position if there is no need for a cert nor do I work with cisco or juniper equipment since we have a separate department that handles this?

    If I am not using my certification all that much what value is of it if am not utilizing it. ?

    I am also looking for my next challenge and something else to add to my credentials would this be an option since I’d rather not continue my education i.e masters degree?

    I hear arguments from both sides of the fence that it is either worth getting certified and the other half says its not. What are your thoughts? I do have some cisco experience I have a semi-lab setup at my house and if I do decide to pursue I will be strictly studying not using braindumps etc.

    Also, given a scenario where job X requires you to have 3-5 years experience but you only have a couple of years of IT experience and you don’t have any experience working with that technology in a production environment What good is the cert if you don’t have the experience in such a case?

    Thanks for you time,

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