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Forgot to thank someone! GOD! Thank you!

Posted in Good God! Really! on August 15, 2008 by itdaddy

You know I am a Christian; atleast I try to act like a good one..but I want to thank God…during my exam I sware the answers just came to me..even after I screwed that simlet up…(which I am going to talk with cisco on; thought it wasnt fair of a question) and I could just see the answers. Yeah I studied hard but I had never seen some of these questions/topics before in my studies, but I could reason them out some how very easily, and well I suck at deductive reasoning during exams…but the exam just flowed good even after my big mistake…I just want to take this moment to thank the Good Lord for being my support…maybe some of you don’t believe, but in my life I have seen some cool things happen when I really asked in faith and this time I know I asked in faith…”let me pass God please”…..! and I had a peace right after my messup on the simlet and well I never have that kind of feeling..

 so Praise the Lord! yeah! hahahahh 😉

I have been thinking lately that I would like to do CCNA voice to maybe market myself better for the small and medium businesses around here..Since I can manage their networks already with what I know. I can after studying CCNA voice work maybe on their voice configs to work on data/voice convergence! So I will persue BSCI and Voice…….later dudes!!!!!!!!!!!