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Love my Ohm rack best yet!!! Spaced On the Money!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on August 7, 2012 by itdaddy

Okay, I finally got off my butt and decided it was time to get serious about CCNP and other CCNP track certs. I bought a cheap but awesome rack called OHM. These are the main reasons I love this rack:

Cannot believe how these guys engineered the spacing. I have paid at my work 800.00 plus for same kind of racks that the spacing sucks rocks! OHM! blows them away…

1. Price uner $200.00

2. fast delivery to my house

3. easy to put together – and I hate putting crap together

4. the 1 U is exacly space correcly. Most racks you pay for are crappely spaced and never match up. Where Ohm they engineer and mark these 1 U spaces.
I have paid for racks that hold the same amount of servers and switches and paid 5 -8 times as much money and they were terribly spaceds. Ohm they seem to take pride in their racks being spaced perfectly.

5. Just love it nice to keep things organized. YEAH!!!!

Here are some picks to prove this:





My new ccnp rack – more practical and neat

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on August 19, 2011 by itdaddy


My New Rack setup possibilties

My current Skelek 28u rack is nice but I need to weld horns on the side or hooks to loop all my cables.

I am advancing in my careerfield and run so many configs it is hard to see heads or tails of my connections

So I am moving to this type of lab setup for now until I can weld some hooks or horns on my Skeletck 28u rack.

This is the first pic of a few more until I am finished. More to come.


New Rack and Old Rack – what adifferrence!!!!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on October 27, 2008 by itdaddy

Installed New Rack – Skeletek yeah!!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on October 27, 2008 by itdaddy





My New Rack – Yeah Love it! Skeletek!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on October 24, 2008 by itdaddy

Hey Dudes. I just got my new Cisco Skeletek 28U rack. I love it. Here are some pictures to get you started. I want to explain how it went building this.


If you can use Skeleteks universal butterfly type mounts see the top router 2511 has the butterfly mounts. They are way better than the four bolts ones. I mean way easier to install. So if you can get those, get them. I used a power drill to put most of the mounts in, but had to use a manual drill (my hand and nut driver) to get them started. Do not want to use power drill to get them started. Strips the nut you have behind it, and your fingers. OUCH! I will list what this new CCNP lab is all about. I also plan to work with VOIP as well. So I will be buying some 100.00 or less IP phones soon off of ebay and when I have my entire lab wired and phones I will post the finish product. My new CCNP/VP lab.. Here are the devices from top to bottom.

1. ASA 5505 my new sweet firewall with ASDM and CLI

2. To the right is Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Wireless Access Point

3. 3 x 2950 Cisco Cat Switches

4. Cisco 1760 router with FXO, FXS card slots

5. Cisco 2520 router configured as  Frame-relay switch.

6. Cisco 2610 router

7. 2 x 2520 Cisco routers

8. 1 x 2501 Cisco router on the bottom.

9. All mounted on a rolling 28 u Skeletek rack


freaking awesome. I can always add more wow!!


– Robert

ps. will be back to show you more pics after I am done with my Virtual machine lab and Cisco CCNP/VP pod.





Soon New CCNA 802 Live Fully Functional LAN Lab!!!

Posted in Home Lab Setup Topology on May 16, 2008 by itdaddy



Above is my topology. I am using vlans and trunking along with Etherchannels

between SW1 and SW2. Notice on my 2610 I am using ROS or router on a stick

and my 831 SOHO I am using SDM to practice.

Below is my CCNA lab:

********LAN/WAN Toplogy to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!*******


1. middle gray ones go to the server boxes

2. left orange and yellow ones are my trunks

3. right colored ones are my ethernet TFTP cables to backup my devices both their “bin” files and “config”

Top to bottom:

Access Point Cisco AP 1200 —- Belkin Wifi – 4 port layer 3 switch(getting rid of soon!).

Cisco Pix 501

Cisco 831 SOHO router

KVM switch (love it)

Cisco 2610

Cisco 2511 (access router – love it)

R2 – Cisco 2501

R1 – Cisco 2520

Frame Relay Switch – Cisco 2520 router

R3 – Cisco 2520

Unmanaged Auto Switch

Cisco Cat 2924

Cisco Cat 2950

Cisco Cat 2950


Lab below is my Entire CCNA and MCSE lab





I will explain my home lab later. But this is the jist. Between the SW1 and SW2 I will have a port channel or Etherchannel. I am using VTP domain and Server/Client design for my 3 switches to practice STP and VTP concepts. I will have two OSPF areas as well. Area 0 will be everything but R1. R1 will be my ABR separating Area 1. I know in CCNA they test only single areas but I was told you only understand it better with more than 1 area so I am doing that.